Monday, February 4, 2008

An Update

So, how am I doing on my goals? I would like to start with a quote from President Hinckley’s article “Climbing out of debt”:
“Often our financial efforts are hampered by misfortune that devours our resources, such as unexpected car and household repairs, illness, and so forth. The Lord promises that He “will rebuke the devourer for [our] sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of [our] ground” (Mal. 3:11). “
Let’s just say, the devourer has visited. We went to President Hinckley’s viewing on Friday evening. After waiting 2 hours, we finally were able to see him. Then, we ate out, which Alann paid for, because we didn’t realize it was going to take so long. So then we went home. We had taken 2 cars to the trax stop, thinking that Alann would have time to go to the school and work for a while after we finished at the viewing. No such luck. So we both had our cars and drove home. As I got in the car, I noticed a strange line on my windshield. I had been hit by a large rock earlier that day, but didn’t notice any damage. This line came straight up off the bottom of the window where the black part is. By the time I got home, the crack had proceeded across most of the length of the windshield. I hate driving with a broken windshield. It makes me exceedingly nervous that something is going to hit it and break it and I will be horrifically injured. (yes, it’s safety glass, but it is still glass, and it still cuts). If I get a rock chip, I go that day to get it repaired. This comes from driving the truck after we moved here with a rock chip for a month or two, and then having it split the windshield the first day I ran the defrost. By the way, I hate driving the freeway, because I get a rock chip about every 3-4 months, and so far, we have replaced a windshield once a year.

HOWEVER, I did not let this get me down. I had the money saved. I paid cash. I didn’t put it on my credit card. I didn’t even get angry. (This is a big breakthrough for me.) I didn’t whine or complain. I just took care of it. Mostly because the quote I gave at the top kept running through my head. I know this month will be hard and I will be tempted and tortured and possibly forced into breaking my goals, but I intend to do as well as I can without breaking, without being upset, and with constant prayer which I know will help me. I paid my double fast offering yesterday, and already Alann has seen a way to increase our income. I know the Lord lives, and He blesses us. I have no fears. I know He can help us to control our finances and become self-reliant.

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