Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I feel like Eeyore today.

The laundry room saga continues. Actually, it has turned into an epic. Or a really BAD set of horror films, like Jason 1-57, where the bad guy comes back to life for every movie and you think, "wait, didn’t he die last time?" Or like the House series (which I love) where he has now “died” 3 times, and it looks like he will be dying again in the upcoming episodes.

Here is my last recap “When we left for Christmas, we noticed a small river in the laundry room. We figured it was too big a load that overflowed. Then we came back, and after a while, noticed the little river again. Then we realized that it was the washer backing up. We had the pipe snaked, and the problem seemed fixed. This week (April 4th), we had a RIVER in our laundry room. We pulled the washer out last night, and took the fixtures off. The hot water fixture was very very crusty and rusty. We cleaned it and put it back on. So far, that seems to be the problem.”
We noticed that even when it was turned off, the hot water spigot leaked. So last week, we replaced both spigots. That was the end of the problem. Or so we thought.
Yesterday morning, as I was getting water for the dogs, I noticed something odd. The floorboards in front of the sink were kind of bowing up. I made a mental note to tell Alann and went to work, promptly forgetting about it. I talked to him at about 5pm last night. He told me that he noticed the bowing floorboards and oh yeah, there was water coming up out of them. I don’t even know where to go from here. It just makes me so depressed that every time we think we have fixed the stupid thing, something else goes wrong. We don’t have the time to fix it right now, so for the next few days, we are just turning on the water when we need it. Lame, huh? It’s very limiting knowing that you don’t have water unless you go into the bedroom and turn it on. It makes me think about some of the things I might do, but will hold off until I have to turn the water on to get ready for bed.
Alann says that we can pull down the wall in the laundry room and see if the problem is there, and if not, then we can try to get access to the pipes from the office. We wanted to tear down the nasty paneling in there anyway right? If that fails, which I am 99% sure it will (because I vaguely remember seeing the backing to the fireplace when we were installing the new drywall), then we have to tear down our nice new cabinets or backsplash in order to fix the blasted thing. Why couldn’t this problem have presented itself in the 11 months that we lived without a backsplash? When all we would have had to do was tear out the drywall, which could have been easily replaced? At least we still have tile left in case we need to redo the backsplash.
And of course, we are still dancing around all of the furniture from the bedroom, which makes the house oh so pleasant. I don’t even want to be there right now. It is packed full and hard to navigate, there is crap everywhere and I am constantly stepping on it. I got my last dresser put together last night, then I just dumped everything into it, so I can’t even find anything. My current list of priorities is: sell old furniture, fix (expletive expletive expletive) pipes, fix whatever is broken in the process of fixing the pipes (because I know it will happen), clean house, rearrange drawers, oh and did I mention that I am speaking in church on Sunday? Yeah, that needs to get done too. Plus I want to get my garden sprinkler/ drip system set up. And we want to redo the front yard this year, which means soon before it gets hot. Ugh. And every time I go to Provo for work the “check engine” light comes on for a few days. I am 99% sure that it is just the altitude change, but I want to be sure that it isn’t overheating or something.
Maybe we will just move next year after Alann graduates after all. That will solve most of the problems. I am sure everything will work out, but in case you can’t tell, I am having a pity party for myself today.
Did you know it might snow here today? Yesterday, it was 80. Today, snow. What’s wrong with the world?


Teene said...

It's just a small hill to overcome. Things could be way worse. And hey, when you sell the house you'll know that the pipes were fixed properly. I know you're speaking will go great on Sunday - so don't worry about that part. The whole snow thing is weird - how does that happen? Do you live in a weird vortex or what?

Shannon said...

Ut weather is nuts! I'm so sorry about your plumbing issues. Trust me i know that sinking feeling in the stomach when you have a project that is a pain in the butt and you wish you never bought the freaking house. Well, everything will work out, it always does. Let me know if you need anything (shower, sink, dinner, chit chat, whatever) Love you!

Kim said...

You have blog! Excellent.
Sorry about the leaks--I have found it's one of the joys of home ownership!

Mom KAS said...

"Did you know it might snow here today? Yesterday, it was 80. Today, snow. What’s wrong with the world?"

Nothing is wrong. The weather has always been cyclical in its "predictible, then unpredictable" patterns.