Thursday, April 17, 2008

Women are strange creatures

I know this, even though I am a woman. Last night, Alann had to go to a friend's house to work on a project for school. He told me it might be late, and I didn't really want to be out that late or stuck there if I got tired and wanted to go to bed. (Yes, it's just around the corner and I could walk, but it was cold and I don't like walking our neighborhood alone in the dark.) So I cleaned and read and went to bed around 11. I don't know when he came home exactly, but I laid there awake until I heard him come in. Then as soon as I knew he was there, I fell asleep.
I always used to wonder why my mom wouldn't just go to bed when I was out and about. Even when I was 18, graduated from high school and about to leave for college (and keeping very late hours), she wouldn't go to bed until I came home. I guess now I understand. I should have just gone with Alann and been social. Oh well. I got some dishes done anyway.
As for the water epic. We have isolated the source of the river in the laundry room and it is not related to the lake in the kitchen. The connection at the back of the machine was dripping. A lot. I couldn't get it to turn any tighter, so I just shut off the valve and that made it stop. For now. I am waiting for the next leak to spring. This washer has been nothing but trouble since we got it. I blame it for all of our problems. The kitchen lake had dried up for a few days, and I was rather optimistic, but this morning, after running the dishwasher last night and having the water on for a few hours, it is definitely wet again. At least I have a plan. When we redid the kitchen, we had a few options. We could tear out all of the flooring that met up with the kitchen, put in the new cabinetry and then lay the flooring again. (It's click and lock laminate, no glue.) That would have been a whole lot of work. Or we could pull up the floor between the old cabinetry pieces, and just lay new flooring to fill all the space. This is what we did, and I wish now we had done it the harder way. Because we are going to have to cut out the flooring that is ruined beyond hope, instead of just pulling it up and putting more down. At least we can start somewhere relatively easy. There is flooring under the stove where we can pull it up, but once we get that up, it is going to be difficult. We will probably have to cut the floor at a 45 degree angle so that we have some way of locking the new pieces in, instead of just butting it up to the old pieces. Plus we are probably going to have to buy at least $100 worth of new floor, maybe more. At least I have a Costco membership this time, so I don't have to borrow someone else's. I was just hoping this would all go away and the flooring would be fine. Ah well, the things you learn at the starter home hopefully improve your future homes. Now I know. No matter what, don't lay flooring before the cabinets go in, or the evil washing machine will destroy it.


Shannon said...

Glad that you figured out the problem, now comes the fun part of actually fixing it. blah. By the way, don't feel too bad about not coming over last night. I went to bed at 9:30. That's funny that you cant sleep until alann is home. I sleep tons better without ian. Is that a bad sign of our marriage? :) It's always been that way though. I think its because of the snoring. Hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said...

cord no, i dont know where yours is and i didn't take my laptop today so i didn't need it