Friday, April 18, 2008

Battle of the...mind

There is a battle waging inside of me. It concerns food. I love food. I love super processed nasty food and I love candy. I love dark chocolate more than anything else. I could quite possibly live on Dove dark chocolate promises. Let’s see, at 210 calories for 5 pieces, I could eat 50 pieces of chocolate per day and be well within my “recommended calories”. Of course, then I would be sick, both mentally and physically. Because no matter how much I like these items, I also know that they are not inherently good for me. I don’t like the thought of eating monodihydri-whatevers. I like to know what I am eating. We don’t buy a lot of the processed stuff. And Alann worries me because he knows that he is at risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, but he doesn’t eat green things willingly, without being slathered in ranch. So I do the best I can for myself and hope he notices and cares enough not to make me a widow too early. We were doing good for a while, with salads two times a week and I was trying to incorporate more veggies into our other meals. This week we totally fell apart. We gave up the salad thing and veggies are few and far between in our meal plan. I hit a wall in a lot of ways. I don’t know much about cooking veggies outside of corn, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and a selection of lettuces. Even when I do decide I want to try something, like this week I wanted swiss chard, I couldn’t find any. When I try something new, it usually fails. Which I know, I should try again, but it is disheartening. I don’t take to veggies and fruits like I wish I did. My fruits need to be a certain temperature. My veggies need to be practically perfect or I get turned off. Maybe I’ll start doing salads for lunch again. That can’t hurt me any. I did that for 9 months or so last year. But even those have limitations. I don’t like wet lettuce. I like cabbage in my salad, but that basically means about a quarter of a head a week and you can’t really buy red cabbage shreds or half a head too often (unless you are lucky and find someone to cut it for you). I don’t like my fixings to mix too much with the lettuce because then the lettuce gets soggy or all the good stuff is at the bottom all together. So you can see my dilemma. I guess since I have a fridge here I could just buy the stuff I want, prep it at home when I buy it and bring it in to build here. That might work. I know that we need to eat more closely to the Word of Wisdom and it would do us some good in many areas. I just don’t know where to start. Anyway, the point of all this ruminating is this: If you are like me and love dark chocolate but want something with less sugar, try the sugar-free Dove Dark chocolate promises with chocolate crème. They are awesome. For a while, I went sugar-free in an effort to release the hold that sugar has on my moods (and most significantly the serious crash I experience) and these saw me through. I inadvertently bought them for work and had forgotten how good they were. They are not low cal, but they are lower than the regular kind. And they taste good. No, this is not a paid advertisement.


Teene said...

Just don't eat too much sugar free candy at one time - you will most likely need a bathroom for a long time :)
I went low sugar/sugar free about a year ago. Yes that means that I am consuming more fake sugar, but honestly something will cause my demise in the next 40 years or so anyway. I'm bored with cooking and coming up with new things too - I can see why so many people fall into the processed food trap. It's easy and it tastes good. Too bad it makes us fat and unhealthy. Your salad shouldn't get soggy if it's just vegetables in the container until right before you eat you put dressing on. I make mine the night before or in the morning. Love you!

Shannon said...

hmm. . .unfortunately I like the even less good for you milk chocolate dove promises. Good luck finding a happy medium in the meal planning. We struggle with incorporating the veggies too. I did like the tortilla soup last night and it had corn, black beans, onion, etc. in it. I think it was pretty low cal, especially if you dont put too much cheese and sour cream in it. Anyway, rambling, k, well it was fun hanging out last night. I miss our chat fests. :)

Mom KAS said...

So I take it the VitaMix isn't being used much?