Monday, April 21, 2008


You know what I love? When you are driving in the car, listening to the radio, and you look over and start laughing because the person next to you is totally rocking out. Then you realize that they are singing the same song you are listening to, and then you laugh even harder. That's awesome.
No real news to report. We pulled up a few of the floorboards and the kitchen smells musty now, but no sign of water leaking. We have definitely ascertained that it is the hot water, because the cold has been on for almost a week now with no seepage. Alann says he left the hot on all day today and no sign. It may be a slow enough leak though that it will take a while to build. We will keep watching it. It's very frustrating that there isnt a clear cut problem that has a cause and a solution. The problem is water under the floorboards. The cause? Who knows. Probably the hot water pipe, but where, and why, and why did it stop? If it's a hole, it should continue to leak. If it's the drainage pipe, it should continue, because we have done things to force the leak to show itself, but it will not. Maybe it was all in our heads.....

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Sonic Death Monkey!!! said...

I am so that person that rocks out.