Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some exciting stuff

My car loan has dropped into a new thousand. And, even though I paid a lot later that I usually do (got distracted), I still paid more in principle and less in interest than usual. I love lower interest rates. I have to admit though, I was slightly tempted this morning driving to work when I heard a car dealer ad (which I normally hate and ignore). They were advertising 0% loan rates on new cars. I snapped out of the daydream of getting one of those loans when I realized that they were for Hondas, and while I wouldn't mind having a Civic, it wouldn't really fit into my ideal car scenario. Plus it would take me more than 3 years to pay it off (my current pay off date for my car.) Or I could get an Accord or Pilot at .09%. Also, not really helpful. I had an Accord- an 82. From back when they still had European style headlights and body. It was awesome. It had "manual power door locks" is what I called it. There was a little lever in the console between the front seats, and you could lock or unlock the back doors with it. GENIUS! Then Denman took apart the air conditioner and shorted out the battery circuit, which meant it drained constantly. Within days usually. Then he dropped off the face of the planet. I should have just continued to deal with no air conditioning. Then I moved to college and couldn't take it anyway. It also tried to kill me and Deva once. The brakes went out on the way to school. It was just fluid missing, and was easily remedied. Then there was the time the clutch went out. Also due to missing fluid. It was still an awesome car. Just a little leaky.
Alann's CC balance which is now on my CC is also lower than it has ever been. Now if we could just figure out what we are going to do with the "stimulus" payment. There is always the debate going on in my head. The irresponsible part says SPEND SPEND SPEND! The responsible part says "well, this is just an advance on next year's tax return. Therefore, what would you do with it as a tax return?" ("SPEND SPEND SPEND" shouts the greedy part "a new fridge, a new freezer, a kitchenaid mixer, jewelry, car repair, anything!!!!") And the responsible part is answered by the logical part which says "We would put it to debt reduction of course. Maybe a little bit for ourselves- a nice meal or something. Melting Pot anyone?" I wish they would all just get along.

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Shannon said...

Boo for high gas prices! and the stimulus payment is NOT an advance on next years' tax return. Your tax return next year will be the same as it would have been without the stimulus payment. Good luck figuring out what to do with it (maybe half to debt and half to something fun like a new fridge or something?)