Friday, May 9, 2008

gas prices

I love that I only have to fill my car every other week. But when I do fill it, it is VERY shocking. I can’t slowly absorb price increases. If every week the price goes up 10 cents, then the price is the same whether I fill every week or every other, but it’s a bit of sticker shock. I went from a little over $3 last time to $3.30 this time. I don’t know that it has ever cost my $40 to fill my car. Well, maybe last winter when prices were ridiculous for a while.
As I was filling my car, a big black Cadillac Escalade truck pulled up to the pump in front of me. Out stepped one of those women who you can tell only cares to impress people. She’s fixing her makeup while pumping gas, has the nails done and the super-highlighted hair, high heels, suit. But when I left, I was amused to see that her gas cost $90. And she probably fills every week. Suddenly my $40 didn’t seem so bad.
I love people who seem to be a contradiction. Here is this “high-maintenance” woman, driving a high-class car, filling up at a Smith’s gas station in Kearns of all places, to get the coupon off gas (I saw her use her Smith’s card.) Then she turned towards our neighborhood when she left. I don’t know of anything near us that supports the kind of lifestyle that I assume she has or pretends to have, based on what I did know of her. It’s kind of like the Mustang delivering pizzas. Makes me laugh.

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