Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silly animals

Sometimes animals make me crazy! This morning, I went out to uncover my tomatoes. We had a frost advisory last night. In June. Nuts. Anyway, as I was coming in, the cat was sitting just inside the house door and tried to run into the garage. She couldnt get outside because I had already closed that door. So Tanner almost stepped on her and then I caught her and turned her around and put her back in the house and she gets all offended. Then she runs to the front door because she knows I am leaving. First I have to get some more stuff out of the bedroom, and get Nicki in the kennel. I tell Nicki kennel, she goes, I can't find my shoes, she comes back out, and jumps on the bed. So I tell her again and she ignores me. I tell her a third time, rather loudly, and she goes, but by the time she gets there, Tanner is already laying in the kennel looking sad. Then he won't come out so Nicki climbs in on top of him which sets them both growling. I have to drag Tanner out of the kennel by the collar, which further reinforces in his mind that he is in trouble and he mopes around while I lock Nicki in. Finally, we walk away and he sees that he isnt going to be punished and gets happy again. Then I realize that I can't find the cat and she was hiding in the bedroom when I shut the door so she got locked in. In the middle of all this Ian comes over to get his camp stove and Tanner is so excited he tries to jump on Ian and smacks his head on the camp stove that Ian is now holding and runs off moping AGAIN! It was a never ending stuggle to get out the door this morning.

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