Friday, June 13, 2008

some observations

There’s a joke I have heard a couple of times that goes like this: You know you live in Utah if the four seasons are almost winter, winter, almost winter, and road construction. Man is this true! On the main road that I take to get to the freeway, they have not one but two separate spots torn up. The first time we go right to avoid the big hole in the road. And they had about zero warning. I had to cut off a bus in order to get over in time to not hit the flashing sign. (It was just past a hill, so the hill blocked view of said sign until it was almost too late. POOR PLANNING!) Then after about half a mile of smooth sailing, there is about 20 minutes of back up. Then we go left. And everybody has to merge. Why they can’t block off the middle left turn lane for travel, at least during rush hour, I don’t know. I meant to take the other main road to the freeway, but totally forgot until it was too late. Why can’t the construction start AFTER rush hour? I mean come on. They know it is going to be super busy. Why do they have to start working when there is the most opportunity for danger to the workers? Not to mention headaches for the drivers.
I am a total creature of habits. My ruts are so engrained that I will completely forget to do normal things like brushing my teeth if my rut is thrown off. This morning, I was about halfway through my shower when I realized that I could read the words on the shampoo bottles. Now, this is significant because I cannot see 6 inches in front of my face without my contacts or glasses. Also, I had been awake for about 20 minutes at this point. My first reaction: I’m healed! It’s a miracle! Then my brain also woke up. I thought about last night and realized that I started brushing my teeth before I took my contacts out. From there I washed my face, said my prayers, and went to bed. Since it was dark everywhere except for a small light in the bedroom, I didn’t notice that I could still see. Someday, I will get Lasik, and then seeing without contacts will be normal. My eyes are slowing down in their progression to total blindness, so maybe someday they will stop completely.

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Shannon said...

That is so funny that you forgot about your contacts because of your routine! I would probably do the same thing but notice in bed that something was off. :) I also like the joke about the seasons in UT. I am always running into construction on 47th when it's too late to get around it. Blah.