Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#100- too bad it isnt more

Every day I tell myself I need to post something, and then the end of the day comes and somehow work got in my way.
Things are going well for us. The grass is growing well, getting good and established and it is nice and green. We need to weed and feed and reseed some areas, but otherwise, it looks good.
Daughters of Promise went well. I was sorry that I missed most of Thursday's activities, but what I was around for was fun. I think the girls learned a lot. And I got to sleep the whole night! No kidding. Hard ground and everything. I have not been sleeping well at all. Every day I think "surely, tonight I will sleep well, I am SO tired." Then 7pm comes, and I could literally drop over, but I am sure if I went to bed at 7, if I could even fall asleep with the sun still up, I would wake up at 3am and be done sleeping. So I usually read for a while, then bedtime comes and I am wide awake. So I go to bed and read for a while and then fall asleep, and then every little thing wakes me up. Last night, it was the moon peeking in the window right into my face. Usually it's the cat or the dogs. Or Alann. I am hoping that actually exercising will help. We are going to be going in the evenings since Alann needs to lose weight to get his hypertension better. Yes, please encourage him to do it. (I want to die first, eventually, not him.) It's still fixable at this point, so we are going to go. Often. (I hope.)
Anyway, maybe I can post more tomorrow.


Sonic Death Monkey!!! said...

Move Allyn back here. I go running a couple miles everyday and lift weights for 20 minutes. His hypertension would be nothing.

Plus, knowing that I'm close by would help you sleep better.

Think about it!?

Becca said...

I will definitely think about it Dan. He just needs to graduate first.