Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dogs + sleep = bad idea

I went to bed early last night to try to fight the blahs I've been feeling. I've just been generally run-down for a few weeks. Then Tanner woke me up at midnight, but I can't really be mad at him. I was about a third of the way into what promised to be a very scary nightmare. I was watching House on TV, and then Alann left, and the next show was about ghosts and somehow if you tapped the TV with a special pen you could play a sound effect of what the ghosts sounded like in the next show, and then there were ghosts in my house and it was totally dark and I was alone. Then Tanner woke me up. To a dark house. I tried really hard not to freak out. Ghosts and aliens are my triggers. They make me really nervous. I can't watch a movie or TV show about them if I am alone. Even Signs, which I have seen several times, I cannot watch alone and it always freaks me out. (It could be real you know...) I think I watched too much X-Files as a child. So I made it to the garage without freaking out, but I could not face going into the dark garage. So I had to turn the light on. I put the dogs out, went to the bathroom, and came back, and suddenly I realized I would have to turn the garage light off before I walked away. So I turned the dining room light on low and told myself I could make it back to the bedroom and back in bed in the dark. It isnt terribly dark, because of the nifty new streetlight right outside. But it is still dark enough to be freaky. I don't even know if I reset the alarm I was so worried about not getting myself totally frightened. So I guess I am grateful that Tanner woke me up, but not so much that he forced me to get out of bed.

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Shannon said...

Bummer about having to be up in the night. Oh well, it will be a constant soon enough. I'm sure you appreciate that soothing thought. :) Anyway, I get freaked out too. The other night I got up to feed Davin and Ian had left the light on in the kitchen, but it totally freaked me out because he doesnt usually leave lights on. I would assume an intruder wouldn't turn on a light either, but who knows? People are stupid. I hesitated about a minutes debating if I should go turn it off. I finally decided it was most likely safe and went and turned it off, but I hate feeling so scared in my own house. Blah.