Thursday, July 31, 2008

In-laws visiting

So, thanks to my in-laws coming to visit, I've been wanting to clean the house pretty hardcore. Last night I was cleaning and was motivated to clean a spot on the wall. I just noticed it last week or so. It's in the hallway, on the wall near the floor, where Tanner lays because the evap blows there. It was pretty dark and dingy and gross looking. If you have dogs, then you know the nose-gunk that gets everywhere from them pushing doors open or pressing their faces on windows. It was like that, but all along the wall. And it just snuck up on us somehow. So anyway, I start wiping it and it's coming clean and I realize that there is another long line of dirt a little bit higher on the wall. I cannot for the life of me figure out where that came from, but now that the other dog spot is gone, I can see this one that I couldnt see before. I ponder, and then laugh, because I realize that it is exactly Nicki height. This happens to be her place to stand when she gets banished from the TV room. She stands against the wall and stares longingly in at us. I knew Tanner laid in that spot enough to make a mark, but I didn't realize that Nicki stood there often enough to leave her own mark. Then I tried to clean the nose smudges off the bedroom door, but the doors were never painted, so that wasn't happening. It will have to be painted over. Oh well, at least the wall is clean.

Otherwise, things are much the same. The nausea is going away. I am still HUNGRY or FULL all the time. There is no happy medium. Right now, I could eat. But I won't, because I don't want to ruin my dinner and I just ate a piece of pie. Alann calls my tummy the black hole, which sometimes it is. It seems I eat and eat and eat and eat and get sick of eating and then eat some more, and I am still hungry. But then sometimes the black hole suddenly gets full. Usually when we eat non-home food. It's weird how restaurant food fills the black hole, but no amount of home-cooked food does. I'm sure there is a reason behind it, I just don't feel like reasoning it out. My head is still stuffy and I still sneeze ALL THE TIME, and I wake up feeling dehydrated even though I drink enough to satisfy a camel every day. Of course I go to the bathroom more at night than I do during the day, so that probably has something to do with it. Oh and I am not sleeping. Ever. At least that is what it feels like. And I have the strangest most lucid dreams. Last night I dreamt that I stole airplane tickets from work (I didn't buy tickets with the company card. Some tickets came in the mail, and I took them. I know, that wouldnt really work.) So Alann and I and a couple of people from work went to Paris. That's all I really remember, except I felt really guilty about it. Then later I dreamt that I had a conversation with Alann, though I don't remember what it was about. But we were just sitting there talking. I need to quit telling him about these dreams, because he is starting to accuse me of thinking I tell him stuff when I really just dream it.

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Shannon said...

Nice that you got the cleaning bug. Once again, another reason I don't think I actually want a dog. :) I'm glad that you are feeling better. The eating thing is annoying because you feel like you have very little control. Also I totally get the eating out food being actually filling and satisfying. It's so weird, and costly. :) Hope you get better sleep soon.