Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Becca's frugal tuesday tip

Oh wait, it's Wednesday. Either way, here is my idea. (Ok, it isn't my idea. I got it from elsewhere, but it is important!)

Did you know that foaming hand soap is regular soap, watered down? It is. Really. Doesn't it make you mad that foaming hand soap costs more than the "regular"kind, but contains less soap? It makes me mad. Which is why this is nifty.
Last year, at Bath and Body Works, I bought some hand soap. Then, about a month later, I got a postcard telling me about the 5 for $15 sale. I refused to buy more soap, as I already had bought some at 3 for $15, but I remembered. And I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, they held the sale again! (It is probably still going on. It started Monday.) Alann mentioned that he preferred the foamy soap, and I prefer the foamy soap (it doesn't seem to dry out my hands as much), but I hated that it was the same price for less product (the ounces are different).
A blog I read (and can't find the post to save my life) mentioned that foamy soap is just watered down regular soap. If you google it, lots of people apparently know this. They just didn't tell me. All you need is the foamy soap dispenser and then you can make foamy soap to your heart's content. So this is what I did. I bought two foamy soap dispensers (full of soap from BBW) and 3 regular soaps for $15. I already had one foamy dispenser in my bathroom, which I had been secretly refilling from Alann's regular soap. It wasn't really a secret. He just never asked and I didn't tell him what I was doing. (Sometimes he thinks my ideas are crazy, not genius.) So we now have 3 foamy soap dispensers, full of soap, and an understanding not to throw them away. When they run out, I will just refill them with soap and water. With BBW soap, I use a 50-50 ratio, but I have read that 25% soap and 75% water is the right ratio. I like the 50-50. I think it depends on your soap and your preferred bubble-age. Mix gently. I prefer the "swirl" method to the "shake" method, but whatever. (It is afterall just soap.) I add water and mix and add water and mix until the little blue beads are no longer suspended. All of the little blue beads will drop to the bottom of the foamy soap bottle and sit there. (I guess you could rinse them out between refills if they bothered you.)
If you are a foamy soap connoisseur, you will notice that "home-mixed" is a little lighter. The foam isn't quite as tight, but it washes just as well. And, it saves you money, because you are using much less soap. You could go even more frugal and quit buying BBW soap, but let's face it, it just smells good. (Yes I know, it is antibacterial, which is against my beliefs, but you have to pick your battles sometimes, and searching out good smelling pro-bacterial soap is not one I have time for.) (Oh and I got a free thing of lotion with a card that they sent me. Awesome.)
So there you have it. That's my frugal tip for the...time being.
(Oh, I am also on twitter now thanks to teene. Beccasev)


Sonic Death Monkey!!! said...

I'm so happy you joined Twitter. I'm already following you and you should do the same. Now we just need to get Allyn up on there and we are in the business. If you want you can add my wifey, salstory. She has a picture of her in a blue jacket with her arm in the air.

Teene said...

I don't know why I joined twitter. but I did. yeah. About the foamy soap - John and mom also prefer the foamy soap, but I have a hard time finding scents I like in the foamy soap. Mom shared the knowledge of just putting regular soap into the dispensers, she didn't say anything about water, but I will take that to note. And I recently decided to stop spending the $ on the bbw soap as well. I thought about buying the beady kind, but if I put them in the foamy soap container I am wasting the original container and contributing to trash to the environment. I suppose they might be recyclable so I should check that out. But if the bbw soap is STILL on sale I will be shopping there one last time for soap :) How's the baby and family? Hugs Kisses and Tons of Love!