Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life updates

Since Alann has been pretty bad about updating his blog, I'll fill you in on what's been happening. Two weeks ago Alann bought a 250cc motorcycle, and one week ago he returned it. It was very badly put together by the company and was really a hazard to drive. Since then, his need for a scooter or motorcycle has been replaced by his realization that he is missing hours at school and therefore needs to take more classes and does not have enough student loans to make it happen. So the motorcycle money, which was school money to begin with, goes back to school. Basically, and this is my interpretation and may not be entirely correct, he has fulfilled all his requirements for the major and for his generals, which is what triggered the automatic "you're graduating" email, but he is 12 hours short in overall hours, which he has to fulfill or he won't graduate. So we are trying to find some way for him to fulfill those hours. All of his classes at other schools have already been transfered and counted, so there is no help there. So he is taking 4 extra hours this next semester with "fitness" type classes (yay for fitness!). And his capstone and internship classes count for 4 hours each, instead of the 3 he was counting them as. So that is 6 hours taken care of, so he just needs 2 more classes. Instead of a relatively empty final semester, he is looking at a very full one. There may be some totally online classes he can consider. I don't really know that aspect of it. Or he can take some fitness classes again and one extra class. It's really up to him. But that is where school currently stands. We are still shooting for a May graduation, but he may walk in May and get his diploma after a class or two in the summer. We just don't know how it will work out yet. But we have faith.
In the internship part of life, we are rather hopeful. Alann found a posting for a company in Salt Lake that is a private consulting firm (the kind of work he wants to go into) that happens to have other locations in places like Illinois and Kansas City. He submitted his resume and has a phone interview on Monday. We are obviously praying for it, if it is right, because it seems so perfect. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for luck.
Otherwise, we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I've moved into the second trimester and am feeling better from the nausea standpoint. A new side effect has cropped up and I do not like it at all. My allergies have been acting up and I've been pretty congested in the sinus region, but this morning I woke up and I feel like I have a chest cold. Or rather, like the end of the chest cold, where you really WANT to cough, but you know that it is totally useless, because there is nothing to cough out. And I have been getting some serious back aches and headaches. I can't drive to work without my back hurting by the time I get there. So yesterday I brought a little pillow that I had at home, and that helped, but it is a little too big for office and car chairs. So I went to Wal-mart and bought some cute (clearance) fabric and some fluff and am going to make two pillows- one for the car and one for my office chair. Then I can leave the other one at home. That should help a lot. I hope. My ligaments are also stretching, so I get these random aches and pains in my abdomen. I sneezed the other night and then cried for 3 minutes it hurt so bad. That is a lot of fun, let me tell you.
I also browsed the baby section at Wal-mart and Target, trying to get an idea of what stuff looks like. I like to research my purchases first, but after a while, I just need to see and handle the stuff. But everything there is up on a shelf, so you can't even get a good look. So at some point we will go to a baby store. Maybe they will have stuff where I can see it.
While I was at Target, I looked at the clearance clothes section and found a pair of nice maternity work-type trousers for $10. I will need to hem them up a little, but that is par for the course. Otherwise, they look really good and will fit me for quite a while, maybe the whole time. I have to keep reminding myself that winter is coming. I do NOT need maternity capris. That is what I automatically get drawn to. But the baby is due in Feb. I will not be wearing maternity capris long enough to justify spending more than $1 on them. Even if they are cute and on clearance. Just say no and walk away. I could probably buy size 14 capris and be too big for them about the time it is too cold for them. Alann wants to go clothes shopping this weekend anyway, so we will be hitting the DI and Savers. I can probably find something good there. I put on the (larger) capris that I already bought, and they are not fitting this morning. Before, they have been fitting pretty good, I just have to wear a belt and not do the buttons, but today they are not wanting to zip even. Ugh. I don't care that I am gaining weight, I don't care that I am getting bigger. I just hate that I have to go clothes shopping! I am thinking of buying some black skirt fabric and making myself a long black skirt for church, since I still have not found anything (I've been looking for 2 years now, ever since we moved and my black skirt got lost somewhere along the way.) If I had it my way, I would wear nothing but Alann's basketball shorts, but I think my boss would frown on that.
I finally found and purchased the next larger size belt for my car. For those who don't know, this is belt #3 we will be trying, hoping that it fits. Luckily, the old one is worn, but not broken. So I have some play time to get it replaced, but it is really getting frustrating. I also need to replace the oxygen sensor by the cat sometime soon, but I don't want to do it until October (when Alann's Dad comes for the deer hunt). =)
I think that is about all that is going on in life.


Sonic Death Monkey!!! said...

Just focus on the beautiful creation at the end of the rainbow.

You've caused my wife to say "no way! EVER" (to having a baby) She doesn't handle discomfort well.

So, looks like I'll be semi-raising your kid too. WE should get on a conference call sometime to decide how all three of us want to raise our child.

Ginny said...

Blech, I hated the clothes aspect of pregnancy. I looked forward to actually showing, then once it arrived the realization of having to wear maternity clothing set in. There are some cute clothes, but you just feel huge in them and the pants were always awkward. lol, it was nice not feeling guilty about the weight though! If only the guilt would settle in now, haha!