Monday, August 11, 2008

The seasons are changing

How do I know? Well, my contacts are driving me NUTS! (That’s my first clue.) And my hair is staticy all the time. My allergies are ramping up again. And it’s almost cold enough at night to put a real blanket back on the bed (at least once Alann turns the fan on high). I’m glad it’s changing. It’s time to get my fall plantings in (just carrots, beets, garlic, and onions). We got some decent sized beets this spring/summer, but the ants harvested them first. (Jerks) So we haven’t had any beets yet. I like beets. Alann likes borscht. I deal with it. It’s ok hot, but once it’s cold, it’s all him. We made our first salsa of the summer this weekend. Everything in it was home-grown- the tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell pepper, and hot pepper. It was yummy!

On a sad note, there has been a death in the family. Our dear old avocado fridge has gone the way of all appliances. I noticed Friday that the light didn’t come on when you opened the fridge, but since we have never replaced it, I figured it just burned out. But when I got some bacon out for breakfast on Saturday, there was no denying it. I will miss the green fridge- the way it used to freeze the milk, and anything else that got pushed too far back, or the way it didn’t keep anything cold when we turned the thermostat up. The way it had very few shelves and the drawers weren’t attached. How it made the laundry room 5 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. And of course it’s lovely avocado color. Those were the days. Wait, no I hated that thing. I’m actually kind of glad it died. Plus we get $30 from the power company for recycling it through them, and our power bill should go down. That thing was a monster.
So we spent all day Saturday fridge shopping. Well not really. We checked Craigslist and found a few fridges. We called and ended up getting a 12 year old Kenmore. We were home around 2. It’s pretty nice. (Nicer than the 70s fridge anyway, and bigger than the one that came with the house.) So we put it in the front and moved the one that came with the house to the laundry room. Could we live with just one fridge? Yes. Do we want to? No. It’s so convenient because we can buy 4 gallons of milk and not go back to the store just for milk in the middle of the week or on our “off weekend”. And we can leave food in larger containers instead of trying to dish it into Tupperware to fit elsewhere. And of course, we need the freezer space, because I buy meat in bulk on sale. It wouldn’t all fit in just one tiny freezer. When we lived with my dad when I was little, we used to have 3 or 4 fridge or freezer combinations. We had the everyday fridge/freezer in the kitchen (I wouldn’t be surprised if my dad still ahs the same fridge). Then we had the “ice cream” freezer that we were not supposed to get into on our own. And the meat freezer. We had a big garden and butchered our own rabbit and chicken meat, so we always had a big stock. That may have been a side-by-side. I don’t really remember. So having multiple fridge or freezer units is not strange to me at all. We debated whether we should get a chest or upright freezer or another fridge/freezer unit. I am pretty happy with what we got. The new fridge has shelves! And drawers! The fridge that came with the house had only 2 shelves and the drawers were missing. There is room in the fridge. Things don't sit on top of each other. We are moving up in the world.
And just to spite us, as Alann was unplugging the green fridge to move it, he saw a spark. He plugged the fridge back in, and it started. He said “the fridge is running” I said good, thinking he meant the white one. Then it dawned on me that he was messing with the green one. I said “It’s too late! Get rid of it!” We didn’t bother trying to check it or fix it or anything. The thing was 30 years old. We figured it was dead dead. Not just sleeping. Alann said maybe there was a power surge but the fridge didn’t have the power to start itself up again. I don’t care. I don’t want to have to worry about the fridge not working and us not noticing until all the food goes bad. But it works, which means it is eligible for the rebate. Good enough for me. And, we paid cash. So no credit expenditures. Also awesome.

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Anonymous said...

I got a new fridge too . . .It's a Kenmore, also . . . Nice of Sears to drop the price to one that I could afford and now the missionaries have a refrigerator to store their milk! PS - It was FANTASTIC visiting you! ~~Debbie