Thursday, October 16, 2008


Since I know that all the important people check my blog, here is the video from our ultrasound. It took me a while to get it posted because we had to convert the file type and was a big pain. Thanks Ian for working on it! (I love having tech-savvy friends!)

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It's about five minutes long and is completely silent, and no, they don't do 4D. (What exactly is that 4th D? I'm a little concerned.) But it is still pretty cool. I imagine this is more exciting for the aunts and grandmas than anyone else. I thought there was a part where they did the heartbeat, but that was apparently before she started the DVD. If it seems like it is pausing, do not be concerned. That is when the tech captured the image so she could write on it.

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MomKAS said...

Thank you (and thank Ian, too!) for posting Claire's video.