Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby come out

That's what Alann says to Claire, in a really high-pitched sing-song voice on an almost daily basis. He usually also shakes my belly at the same time. Then I tell her "no, you stay in there a few more weeks". I don't care how uncomfortable I am (which is about an 8 on most days), she isn't ready yet. But it's fun to see that he loves her and I know he will be a great dad.

As for my big fat feet. The doctor said it isn't anything to worry about. He says my fluids are leaking (no important fluids, just fluids in general) because I'm not eating enough protein. If I up my protein, that might make the swelling go down. Or not. I can also try walking around in a swimming pool. The pressure from the water might force the fluid back into the fluid disposal systems and then it will go away. Or not. Chances are, my feet will stay like this, or get bigger, until she is born. Please not bigger. I'm upping my protein to try and combat the bigger possibility. I'll deal with them staying the same size. I just don't know how to deal with them being bigger. Did I mention I only have two pairs of shoes that fit? I'm not buying shoes! I have more shoes than I can possibly wear in a lifetime. Of course once she is born and the swelling goes down, then I will have to try every pair and donate the ones that don't fit anymore.

Otherwise, I have another appointment in two weeks. I'm still not on every week. Strange huh? Oh well, I trust my doctor to do what's best for me. If he doesn't want or need to see me every week, that's ok by me. He did check progress while I was there. He says I am about 1 centimeter dilated and very thin and she is very low, which is good. Alann is still betting on the 4th for her birthday. We'll see.

I did the breastfeeding class last night, and being the well-informed person that I tend to be about major life changes, I didn't really learn anything. Except how long stored milk stays good. I think everything else I have heard or read before. But it was free, so at least there was that.

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Teene said...

He's still jiggling the baby? Sheesh! Well, maybe she won't have issues with motion sickness :) My guess for her birthdate is the 7th. Love you and Miss you guys like crazy!