Friday, January 23, 2009

News flash

I made those biscuits that I froze last night. They weren't quite as high as the first batch, but that may have been because they were all from the second rolling and cutting. This may also be overcome if I had baked them just a minute longer or let them defrost a little bit before baking. Otherwise though, they were delicious. Alann said "Looks like you found a winner."

I made the biscuits to go with chicken noodle soup, because someone who shall remain nameless gave me his cold. Thanks honey. I spent half the night up last night coughing and trying to breathe. (No cute remarks about getting used to it please.) I know I can take Sudafed and Tylenol. I took the Sudafed early and went to bed early. Unfortunately, the sudafed is a 12 hour version, and about halfway through, I am suddenly wide awake. It happens every time I take the stupid stuff. I don't really know why it does that to me. When I was taking the regular strength stuff, it didn't wake me up when it wore off. I think I need to go back to taking that. So I woke up around 1am, and I was awake until I think 5 or so. I took some Tylenol to make my throat stop hurting so much, and that helped a little. Then I finally changed the battery on my mp3 player and listened to my hypno track, which always puts me to sleep. I should have done that around 1, instead of waiting until 4.

The animals were all kinds of broken too. I felt like we were playing tetris in the bed for a while. It was me and Alann in our spots, then Nicki along the foot of the bed, and Jersey was laying between us. Alann got up and went to the couch around 2 or so, but then Tanner was upset. I was in the bathroom when Alann moved, and when I got back to bed, Tanner was in my spot. So I made him move. Then he tried to go to the couch, but Alann was there, so he paced around a while until I managed to call him back into the bedroom. Then he laid with me for a while, but still wasn't happy. He ended up sleeping with Alann on the couch and Nicki slept with me in the bed and Jersey was running around doing who knows what. It must have been the storm making them crazy. But at least the air is clearer. Hopefully that will help me get better. Alann is already feeling better, so at least in those of us with strong immune systems, it's a short-lived illness.


Teene said...

Awww sorry to hear you are sick :( I made the mistake of taking a 12 hour claritan d a few weeks ago at 5 or 6pm and it kept me up until 3 or 4 in the morning. Blah no fun. I'm not taking that stuff anymore! So I think we must be sensitive to medicines.

MomKAS said...

Good news on the biscuits! So, now we know what we will want you to bake for us when we next visit. :-)