Saturday, January 24, 2009

3/4 broken

Ok, so it is more like 3/5, or 1/2 if you count Claire as a separate entity. I'm still sick, and losing my voice from coughing so much. I do feel a little bit better, but nowhere near even 75%. Alann is getting over the cold very quickly, but was coughing so bad he put two ribs out. (I had nothing to do with it this time. If you don't know that story, ask him.) Today, I told one of the boys in our ward that if he came over to our house, he could have all the aluminum cans I've been collecting at work, and I would give him an extra $5 for picking them up out of our yard where they got blown around by the storms in December. While we were out and about, he came over and did that. When we came home, Tanner was limping around. He is still limping. I'm not really sure what happened. My best guess is he was barking out the window at the kid, and fell into the space between the couch and window. He is limping mostly with his front right leg, but every now and then his back one too. We have felt and pressed and rubbed all up and down his leg and he doesn't yelp at any one spot, so I think he must have just pulled or bruised something. Hopefully he gets better. There isnt anything obviously broken, so that's always good. Maybe it will teach him to stay out of the window. He has totally destroyed the curtains. But now he is limping around asking for sympathy. He climbed in Alann's lap and wouldn't move until Alann petted him and pitied him. It was kind of funny. (Nicki even gave Tanner part of her bone without arguing about it. ) So, of the 5 (or 6) creatures in the house, 3 of us are currently broken. You probably shouldn't come over if you don't want to get broken too.

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