Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High expectations

I know I got your hopes up last week by having a post almost every day, but this week has been hard. I'm still sick, though the cold keeps acting like it wants to move into my lungs, which is a good sign. My voice sounds like an old man's right now, and my throat hurts a lot. Stupid Alann and his stupid cold! He's all better of course. I'm coughing so much my abs hurt. Can you cough a baby out? I hope not.
Otherwise, things are good. I feel....weird. That's the only way to describe it. My body just feels weird. I think things are just getting ready to get started. My hormones are out of whack again (I'm breaking out like a school girl it seems, my face is greasy all the time, etc) and they had been pretty stable for the last few weeks. Maybe it's just the cold. If I make it to the Monday night class, I'll be happy. Alann keeps trying to convince her to be born in January. (Side story- last night Alann was rubbing my back and he reached around to rub my belly a little too and she kicked him really hard (her movements aren't too hard anymore because of the space issue, but this one was) and it startled him, so he kept rubbing my belly but she seemed to realize that she had kicked him instead of just me and stopped moving. It was pretty funny.) She has really active days and really quiet days. Alann says my belly is "hanging out" more and more. I've noticed that she gets nice and lined up with the center of my belly during our hypno classes, and the rest of the time she lays on one side or the other. My feet just never get any better. It's a good day if they aren't so swollen in the mornings that I can wiggle my toes. Some days, I can't wiggle my toes at all. Those are sad days. I bought a new pair of shoes this weekend- size 11. Seriously. (Normal size- 7-9 depending.) They were on clearance at Target, and I don't have too long to wear them anyway. They are too long, but the width is right, and they are slip on, comfortable, and the tops of my feet can swell as much as they want. I was switching back and forth between two other pairs of shoes, but my feet were swelling so much that they were giving themselves bruises- even when I took my shoes off for most of the day at work. One good side effect of having swollen feet- they aren't dry like they usually are. Oh and I've pretty much given up on wearing even the fake ring I bought at Thanksgiving. My hands swell and contract all day long, so I'm constantly putting it on and taking it off. I can feel the pinkie fingers on both hands. That's it. The others are "sleeping". My middle fingers are the worst. So my typing skills leave something to be desired most days.
Have I mentioned we have internet at our house now? Mom, I won't have to call you for random recipes anymore.
Oh, and directly after that last post about most of us being broken in the house, Nicki came in and threw up almost on my feet. She was feeling left out I guess. We've decided- no more rawhides for them. Ever. Tanner is still limping around when it suits him. He forgets to do it if he is going outside, but he does it when he feels he isn't getting the sympathy or food that he needs. But otherwise he seems fine, so at least he didn't hurt himself seriously. The dogs are being needy. I think they can sense that something new and strange is happening with me and they don't like it. They really won't like it when I pack my hospital bag (on my list for the next few days). I had a dream that I left the hospital in the middle of labor because I forgot my bag. That was strange. Ok, enough rambles for now. (I blame the cold...)

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MomKAS said...

"Have I mentioned we have internet at our house now? Mom, I won't have to call you for random recipes anymore."
Happy for you that you have the interwebs at your house now. You could still call for random recipes, though. I don't mind.

"I had a dream that I left the hospital in the middle of labor because I forgot my bag. That was strange."
Hmmm ... that sounds like something you would actually feel compelled to try. You know that dream is just telling you that you'd better pack your bag soon so you won't have to worry about it.

Hope you're feeling better soon!