Monday, February 9, 2009


Still pregnant. Still waiting. Still hoping for something to start soon.
My appointment last Friday went well. Everything points to a baby "sometime in the next two weeks". My doctor is out of town all this week, so if I have her, it will be with another doctor. That's okay though, because his whole practice is pretty laid back. With an OB, there is no guarantee that he will be the one delivering anyway. You have to have a midwife for that guarantee. I have another appointment set for Friday. If I make it there, the doctor wants to schedule an induction. (The appointment is with his nurse. She will schedule the induction and he will be there for that.) The date he named for the induction: the 17th. (Alann's birthday.) Alann isn't too thrilled. So we are trying to get her going before then. And I am really just tired of being pregnant. It's been great, but she is so big now that any position I try to be in is uncomfortable. Sitting on the couch, in a hard chair, in the office chair, laying on the couch or in bed, on my back, on my side, walking around, standing still. Nothing is good. And I don't have that much maternity leave. I wouldn't worry as much about it if I wasn't going back to work. Then she could wait as long as she wants. But since I am going back, I want to spend as much time with her as I can. (And I'm not actually worried, just a little anxious about timing. Trying to relax.) So if you know any good labor starting tips, let me know.
We have a possible solution to the day care problem- one of the ladies in my ward just had a little girl, and she is home with her. I was talking about what we were planning on doing after we have Claire and she offered to take her for me, since we will hopefully only need two days a week if schedules pan out. So that is way exciting. She has four older children, lives nearby, and is willing. She is pretty cool. That reminds me, I need to call the pediatrician and see if she is taking new patients.
We had some practice labor on Saturday. I was hopeful that we would be going to the hospital that night, but it didn't pan out. I was getting pretty mild contractions for most of the afternoon, but no real pattern. They started a slight pattern in the evening, but by 11pm, they still weren't anything to write home about. So I decided to go to bed and try to sleep through early labor. Sometime during the night, it stopped. So, still waiting.......


Shannon said...

Being pregnant definitely gets old. I hope daycare with Mari pans out. That would be fabulous. I would volunteer, but after watching Heaton for a few months I have learned I am not up for it. Sorry. I'm sending good labor vibes your way. :)

Teene said...

Most of my friends that were pregnant started walking towards the end. I don't know if that really works. I too will be sending my wishes for Claire to be born by this weekend so you don't have to be induced. Maybe she's waiting for Valentine's Day?