Thursday, February 26, 2009

She's getting big already!

How many pictures can I take that involve my child laying on something? Um, a lot. At least until she starts to do something more interesting.

More of her cute face.

Claire is two weeks old today! Two weeks ago almost exactly we were meeting her for the first time. Wow, how time flies. I took her to the doctor today for her checkup. She weighs 8 lbs 6 oz, more than her birth weight which is what should be happening. I was a little worried. I thought she was getting bigger, but couldn't really tell. She is 21 inches long, which is an inch longer than at birth, but the nurse said that they probably didn't stretch her out too much for the first measurement. Her head and weight still put her in the average category. The nurse said she was really strong though. And the doctor was impressed with how much she can hold her head up on her own. That's my baby. A big strong girl. The doctor also says I'm really lucky that she sleeps 6-7 hours at a stretch at night. Most two week olds sleep no more than 4 hours, even at night. She must get her ability to sleep from her daddy.

Otherwise, we are doing well. I'm healing nicely and adjusting to crazy non-pregnant hormones. My temperature control is still off. I go from freezing to sweating in two seconds. And part of the skin on my right knee is numb. It has been since the epidural. Weird weird weird. My feet fit in my regular shoes again! Yay. My fingers are still numb, but they are getting better, slowly. Everyday a little more feeling returns. The most exciting thing- I've lost 30 pounds in two weeks. (I feel like I'm on the biggest loser or something.) I knew a lot of that 50 pounds of gain was water weight. That makes me feel better about the weight gain. Now I only have about 20 to lose to be back to pre-pregnancy weight. I'm hoping that will happen easily. I mostly have to reteach myself self-control. I pretty much let myself have whatever I wanted at the end there. Once the first digit of my weight rolled into new territory, I kind of gave up. I know that "dieting" still isn't really allowed, since that will affect my milk output, but I can at least make smarter choices.

Speaking of Biggest Loser, I've only recently started watching that show. It's interesting. I like it, for the most part. The part I really hate though is the product placement. I have now seen an ad for ziplocs and an ad for frozen veggies, INSIDE the show. How do they live with themselves? Yes, eating veggies is an important part of weight loss, but does Bob the trainer really think that fake cheese sauce on broccoli is a good thing? He said he did. I just don't know that I believe him. I guess they have to make the money somewhere. It just irritates me. It definitely doesn't make me want to run out and purchase the product they are pushing. I guess I should just be grateful that I am aware enough of advertising to be able to pick out the product placement. Some people can't.


Teene said...

She is just so darn cute! Dare I ask if that is a water pitcher in the crib with her........Biggest Loser was ridiculous the night before when Bob the trainer was crying because his team was split up. Otherwise I just like watching the weigh ins and to see the body transformations. Tell Claire happy 2 weeks old :) Love you all and can't wait to see you all!

MomKAS said...

" She must get her ability to sleep from her daddy. " Really? Ummm, I seem to remember that her mommy also slept through the night, right from the start. And didn't seem to have much trouble sleeping any other time in her life, either.
She is a sweetie. Can't wait to hug her and kiss her!

Shannon said...

CUTE pics! We need to visit so I can have baby loving time when I get back. I'm glad that she is sleeping well. It makes such a difference. I totally hear you about the weight loss too. Isn't it awesome? Hope you are feeling good and not too nutsy post pregnancy. :) See you soon!