Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doing well

So, my first week as an official stay-at-home mommy is going well. Yes, I've been home with her for the last 6 weeks, but it was different because I knew it would end. This week also marks the start of mine and Alann's "Biggest Loser" competition. I went to the gym today for the first time in a long time. I quit going after Christmas, and was pretty spotty for a few weeks before then. (That time between Christmas and Claire's birth is really a blur. I feel like we never stopped doing stuff. It was intense.) Going to the gym felt good. I'm going to try to do it every day before Alann has to leave for work. I am one of those people that needs to go in the morning before I do anything else, because otherwise, I will find lots of excuses not to do it.

Here our cuteness in her ballet-shoes outfit. She refuses to hold still for pictures. I get a lot of them with faces like this:

No, I don't know what she looks so afraid of. It makes me laugh.

This is also her new favorite position. She is no longer content to lay on the couch like a lump. She wants to be sitting up or crawling up my stomach or sitting with her head on my shoulder. She hasn't mastered the art of sitting yet (way too young for that) but with props, she will sit there for quite a while happily.

This is what we have been having the most problems with. This was Sunday after church. I was holding her and she fell asleep, so I decided to take a nap too. Thanks for taking my picture honey. Her sleeping is so erratic. Yesterday, she was like clockwork. She ate, hung out with me for a while, then went down for a nap. I was so impressed. She wasn't wanting me to hold her until she fell asleep or anything. Then last night, she didn't want to go to bed at all. I think part of it was just her eating schedule. She ate at 7, then played with Daddy until about 8:30 when I put her in bed. She cried and fussed until about 9:30 when I got her up, fed her, and then she fussed for a while longer, and finally went to sleep. Today, she doesn't want to nap. Again, I was holding her, trying to soothe her, after 30 minutes in the crib, and then she fell asleep. I put her back in the crib, and she has been sleeping for almost an hour now, no problem. We'll get it all worked out sooner or later. For a few nights, she slept for about 8 hours at a stretch. I was a little worried about how long she was sleeping at first, but since she is sleeping longer at night, she is nursing more often during the day, so she is getting the same amount of food. In the beginning, I had to wake her up, make her eat every 3 hours or so. Now she wants to eat every 2 and a half. Anyway, I'm sure we will get it worked out.

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Teene said...

She does look scared in that one picture. That's funny. Glad you're doing well. I'm sure her sleep schedule will settle in soon.