Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Evil ensues

Ok, so we all know my cat is evil. Basically, the worst part is, she is extremely selfish. Everything belongs to her, in her mind anyway. I can't tell you how many places I've found her, and how many times, after chastising, that I continue to find her there. Most of the time, it isn't a big deal. So she sits on top of the TV and in the sink in the bathroom and on any piece of furniture. Here are some more amusing examples:
This random stack of boxes is hers.

And the changing table, the instant we moved it into the baby's room, became hers. She still climbs on it.

The crib is definitely hers. She takes a good portion of her naps in there.

And Claire's dollhouse is actually a kitty house. She is quite thankful for it. (This is the dollhouse my grandfather built for us girls when we were young. My mom and sisters cleaned it up and brought it up for Claire. It will be a few years, but I am sure she will love it.)

Not even the car seat is safe from Queen Jersey.

But all of this selfishness gets really annoying when she decides that my garden transplants are hers. I bought some swiss chard and broccoli transplants for the garden. She has almost completely eaten the chard, no matter what I do to keep her away. This is quite frustrating because I have wanted to start seeds for the tomatoes and peppers, but with her around, she would eat them. But then, I had a genius idea. A bird cage! No, not for the cat. If I put the seedlings in the bird cage, then she can't get to them, but they can get the light they need. Now I just need to find a cage and plant the seeds. Anyone have a spare bird cage?


Shannon said...

The last time i checked RCWilley.com had a ton of massive decorative bird cages (that would probably work) on clearance for like $6. Check it out. In the meantime all hail Queen Jersey (and I maintain that I hate cats).

Teene said...

I have a fish tank :) but no bird cage.