Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun new baby stuff

So last night, Alann and I went out to dinner. We took baby with us, since it was kind of impromptu and Shannon had watched Claire the night before while I got my hair cut. She was really good. She only cried a little bit, but that's because she was hot in her car seat. Once we took her out, she calmed down and forgave me for remembering a bottle and water, but no formula. (Yesterday I cleaned out the diaper bag in anticipation of our flight today, and had put the formula in my carry-on.) So I was holding her and eating with one hand, as mothers often do. And she grabbed the hand that was holding her, brought my wrist to her mouth, and blew a BIG, WET raspberry on it!!! She did it again a minute later. I thought it was hilarious. I knew she had been working on figuring something out yesterday, because she kept doing this:

This one I just think is funny. She was grabbing the camera when I tried to take her picture. And no, her arm isn't really that hairy. I think it's just a play of the light.

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