Friday, May 22, 2009

Time for new clothes

Claire has gotten big. (Sigh. Big tear.) She is almost sitting up by herself now. (She still falls/ rolls onto her face, but she is getting better.) And she is grabbing for things. And laughing. She's been doing that for a few weeks. I haven't really mentioned it though I don't think. But I have been in denial a bit. Whenever I went to put some clothes on her, if they didn't quite fit, I would toss them on the arm chair. (Or make her wear it "one more time" because it was so cute.) Last time I did laundry, I purged everything that was obviously not going to fit anymore. Bye bye cute Valentine's outfit. See ya later tiny gowns. I still left a few "hopefuls" in the drawers. Mostly onesies that really don't fit, especially with her ghetto booty (as Alann calls it) aka when she wears her cloth diapers. The drawers were really empty. And I was sad. BUT!! yesterday, I got out "the box". You know what I'm talking about. The box full of clothes that are too big for the baby. And I got way excited. There is some seriously cute stuff in there. I pulled out all the 3-6 month clothes and finally took the rest of the 0-3 month onesies out of the drawers. I can't wait to see Claire in some of this stuff. So, if you are wanting to buy Claire some presents, skip the 3-6 month range. I think we are covered. (Unless of course it is just WAY too cute. Then I understand, and will work it into rotation and take pictures.) She will need 6-9 month clothes all too soon, so focus your efforts on those. From 6-9 months, it will still be fairly hot here, but definitely fall. So long sleeves won't be out of the question some days. Now I'm just waiting for laundry to be finished so I can pack for our trip, and make sure we have plenty of cute stuff for our little darling.
I've also had to move the shoulder straps in the car seat up to the taller slots. She is a lot more comfortable in the car seat now. I still don't know why one strap pulls tighter than the other. There isn't any reason for it. Unless maybe she got one of the straps wet and it shrunk?? Who knows.

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Shannon said...

It's always exciting to move to the next set of clothes, but i get sad when Davin can't wear the cute little stuff anymore too. I just barely cleared out the last of his 6-9 month stuff he was still sort of squeezing into. We are mostly in 12 month stuff, but I'm hoping the 18 month stuff will start to fit soon too since it's the size most of the summer clothes are. We shall see. Hope you have such a great trip!