Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lots of pics

I started this post because I was frustrated. Some babies cry themselves to sleep. Some stuff I have read said that most babies do cry before they sleep, that it is normal and just a way to let off steam. Claire does NOT cry herself to sleep. She cries herself hoarse, she cries herself hysterical, and she cries herself more and more awake, but she does NOT cry herself to sleep. I have to be vigilant until she actually is sleeping, because if she starts crying, it's all over. So I spent about 20 minutes soothing her into sleep earlier, even though she was tired. So frustrating. But then I got on here and starting grabbing pics, so here are a ton of recent pictures.

First up: our proud new graduate:

(No, it's not upside down. It looks weird though.)

The happy family post graduating. Claire is SO tired and hungry at this point. A happy picture was not happening.

This is pre-ceremony. See how happy she is, playing patty-cake with Grandma?

A few days later, here she is at her blessing. So cute and happy in white! And it stayed clean the whole time!

What a special family we have! Alann is high, baby thinks we are stupid, and I am half asleep!

Oh this is much better. Baby still thinks we are stupid though.

The proud papa and his little girl.

Doesn't she look like a little person sleeping in the big bed?

She is very concerned about the duckies...How do they stay up like that??? (She loves the jumpy)

And now for something completely different: Jersey. What the heck is she doing??

Answer: There was a bird in the water fountain. She was watching it.

Argh. Pirate kitty loves her fresh grass.

Here I am with my mother's day gift. We have a huge charcoal grill, but sometimes I just want a hot dog or some chicken. So we got this little gas grill.

Baby also thinks flowers are stupid.

Here she is doing her model pose. After 4 outfits yesterday, I wasn't about to put her in another one at 7pm, so she ran around in just a diaper for a while.

What could be so fascinating??

Oh, the TV. Sorry baby, am I blocking your view??? Isn't she cute though?

And last but not least, my secret for a happy baby bummy- nakee bummy time! She loves it. Why the blanket is more fascinating than the toys, I don't know. But she likes to grab it. See that dangly ball too? Sometimes, if she is hungry on nakee bummy time, she tries to nurse on the ball. It's pretty funny.

Phew, well, I am tired out now. I need to go get some stuff done before baby wakes up.


Shannon said...

I love all the new pictures! She is getting so big and so stinking cute. Woohoo for graduation! Good job surviving graduation, baby blessing and mother's day in one weekend. I was seriously impressed with how calm you were (or just seemed?).

MomKAS said...

Congrats again to the grad!

As for the babies who cry themselves asleep - yeah, those were your sisters. You had to be ROCKED to sleep. Every stinkin' night. No crying for you. The apple must not fall far from the tree. :-)