Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, I took Nicki to the vet yesterday. First off, I miss our vet in Columbia. He was great. The dogs loved him. He used to give out "treats" (aka vitamins) to calm them down. He explained everything. The office was clean and the people at the desk were really nice. We haven't gotten a "real" vet here yet. I've taken the dogs and cat to the humane society clinic once or twice to get shots, but they haven't been sick so I haven't had need for a full-scale vet office. Since Nicki hurt her eye last week, and it wasn't better when we got home, I looked around for a vet. I found one nearby that had an opening for that day and wasn't too expensive. I didn't really like the place from the start, and Nicki wasn't comfortable there at all. The room was kind of dirty. It looked clean, but there was a build up of hair along the base of the table. Just that kind of grossness everywhere. The vet himself was ok, but he immediately assumed that the cat got Nicki's eye, which is totally plausible, but she also may have run into something outside too. So he told me about 3 times that we should declaw the cat, which I have thought about and seems cruel. He also seemed really nervous the whole time, like he had somewhere else he wanted to be or he wasn't comfortable interacting with people. His staff wasn't terribly helpful either. But the good news is Nicki's eye is just scratched. It looks funny because blood vessels grew in to feed the healing. She needs drops in her eyes and some antibiotics. And she is wearing a cone. She HATES it. She walks around like it is stealing her soul an ounce at a time. But she is getting better about it. She isn't running into things nearly as often today as she was yesterday. And her eye does look better. It should heal on it's own and be totally useful again. And it only cost me $80. I'll just add it to the cat's tab.


Shannon said...

Glad she's doing better today. Stupid cat.

Sonic Death Monkey said...

Everyday of my life I think to myself... why didn't I declaw the stupid cats. Cruelty is them enjoying getting petted, rolling on their back for a tummy rub, and then digging into my arm.