Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our trip

Our trip to Phoenix over Memorial Day weekend was great. It wasn't as relaxing for Alann as we had hoped, since he got thrown back into class, but it was fun anyway. Above is Jersey, helping Alann pack. The flight out was great. It was pretty empty, so Claire got a free seat. We strapped in her car seat and she was content to sit there while we took off. She was actually laughing while we took off. It was great. After we were in the air, we took her out of the seat and played with her. She ate a little bit (that was the only time she really cried. She was hungry and impatient) and then she went back in the seat for the landing. She was a little upset during landing, but we managed to fight off a full-scale screaming fit. We met my mom and went to the house. I started the vacation off right by making potato salad as soon as we got Claire settled in the house. My sister came home, and then we went to Sunflower Market. I had seen a Sunflower Market here in Utah, but hadn't gone to it. I wasn't too sure what it was about. But it was pretty good. I'm signed up to receive the weekly ads now, so when they have good sales, we can go out there. They also have a GREAT bulk bin section, so next time we have a car trip, I know where to get Alann's granola (not to mention things like nuts at a great price anyway). The one here is located across the street from Fashion Place, if you are interested. Saturday (the day we arrived) we had some BBQ pork and potato salad for dinner. My and my big sister Teene made bread. I taught her how to do it. That was a lot of fun. I remember when she taught me how to make mac and cheese. Now I get to teach her something. I have a lot of fun cooking with my sisters. We teach each other a lot of things. And it is fun to see how much they have changed, eating wise. When I moved to college, my little sister ate mostly frozen pizza and corn dogs. Now she eats more "real" food. =) And Teene has started cooking a lot more, so I learn things from her too. Like sweet potato fries. She made those from a fresh sweet potato on Sunday. I had never thought to do it, but I really like sweet potatoes. They are my new favorite. So after we got home, I made a batch for dinner too. Score one for new easy side dish! Anyway, back to the story. Sunday, we went to church with the Woodses. (I never know how to pluralize that name.) I love visiting with them. I met James's wife for the second time and his baby. Weird to think he has one of those... We stayed for sacrament, but their schedule is "backwards" (ok, ours is the backwards one, but it is what we are used to for now) so Claire was unhappy and tired. We went home and she slept for two hours, then we went back to the Woodses to visit for a while. After that, we went home and had some really yummy steak for dinner. And we went swimming. I bought Claire this really cute swimsuit with a built in swim diaper. She was unsure about swimming.

But she warmed up to it after a while. She only hung out in the pool for a few minutes, then she went inside with Daddy.

Here she is playing with her aunties. On Monday we went to Wickenburg to visit with my grandmother. That was a lot of fun.

Here is Claire with her great-grandmother. This is the last one I really have. My mom's biological mother is still alive, but I've never met her, I just send her cards every now and then. My dad's parents are both gone, and my grandpa passed away a year ago. My sister has some pics with the four generations together, but I don't have any on my camera. Teene- send them my way or post em on facebook so I can steal???

Here is another cute one of her playing on the floor at Grandma's. When we got back to my mom's house, we went swimming again! It was fun. My big sister and I had a blast playing with the pool noodles and just acting silly. She is still a show off! She used to do hand stands all the time at the pool at my grandparent's place, and we could never do them. I had to laugh when she started doing them again this weekend. I also almost gave myself a black eye when a pool noodle shot out from underneath me and whacked me good. But it never turned into anything. I miss swimming whenever I want, but at the same time, I don't miss the pool maintenance. I should just go to the gym when I feel like swimming, but then I have to figure out what to do with Claire. (I keep writing Claite. Stupid T. Getting in my way.)
We came home on Tuesday after having lunch with Teene.

Here they are. Baby thinks Rubio's is stupid. I think it was tasty. The flight home was less fun than the flight out. It was packed. It didn't help that they canceled a flight to Salt Lake before ours was due to leave, so they rebooked people onto our flight. Then it was delayed FOREVER (okay, only an hour). All in all, probably the worst flight experience I've had in a while. But Claire was a trooper. She even endured a diaper change in the airplane potty with Daddy. Apparently, it was really hot in there. She really needed it though. Otherwise, I would have waited. It's NOT a long flight. But oh well. All in all, she was really good the whole time we were gone, but she was definitely worn out and ready to be back home, back on her regular schedule.
Oh, and that thing she was working on before we left? It was blowing raspberries. She got REALLY good during the trip, as all of my family can attest. Amy blew on her tummy for about 10 minutes, and each time she did, Claire would blow back. It was hilarious. Since we got back, we've been busy. I planted the rest of my garden. Here are the highlights.

This is the cherry tomato plant. I separated it from the others this year, since it always seems to take over everything. We will see how well this works.

Here we have (from back left, to right, then forward) carrots (far left pot), swiss chard, kale, lettuce, and radishes. The broccoli is peeking in the front of the picture. It is getting big already. There are also onions in the box with the broccoli. Let's hope we get some this year. I think I have it figured out.

And here is my "hot" box. It's all my hot loving plants. We have (back to front, left to right) three globe tomato plants (a globe tomato is basically what you buy in the store), 2 flowers from Mother's Day (I don't remember what they are. Debbie??), 7 bell peppers- 2 yellow, 2 purple, and 3 green, and 1 ancho chili plant (the lil guy in the corner). Apparently, there was a run on jalapenos. I went to two different nurseries and couldn't find any. (A word to Salt Lake people- go to Martin's nursery for bell pepper plants. These things are huge, some have peppers on them already, and they were only $1.25! The ones at Western Garden are $2 and not nearly as big.) I also have one leftover tomato plant I don't know what to do with. No more pots, no space in the box. Anyone want it?
In addition to this, I've got peas and cucumbers in the in-ground plot.

Here is Nicki in her cone. She smacks that thing into EVERYTHING. I think she does it on purpose, trying to break it. But, her eye is looking MUCH better. We have a vet appt tomorrow (will he charge for a followup? I hope not.) and then she can stop wearing the cone. Which makes me wonder- would it have gotten as better as quickly without the cone and eye drops? Did I drop $80 when it was getting better anyway? I hate those thoughts.

This is what Alann did most of the vacation. Poor guy.

I was going to post a video of Claire, but it is taking WAY too long to upload. Maybe later. Anyway, it was a fun trip. My mom is thinking of flying us back out for Labor Day (or they will come to visit us) so we might go down again. Alann doesn't know if he will be able to go, since he has school, but that is the price we pay for getting his masters done soon.

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Shannon said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip. Or at least you did. Funny how you really miss your family even more when you have kids. I hope you get to see them again in September. That would be fun.

Your garden is looking great! As always, I am impressed. Someday I will mooch your gardening wisdom. Also, I for sure want the recipe for your sweet potato fries. I might even get Weston to eat them!