Monday, June 8, 2009

Apple crisp cookies?

I love apple crisp, but I find it hard to portion control (I stand and eat out of the dish). Plus, I think it would make awesome cookies. I'm pondering how to do this. Even a more stable bar form would be ok. What do you think? Should I make double the topping, press it into the dish, line it with even slices of apple from my apple corer/peeler, and then cover that with more topping? Or chop the apple into really tiny bits and mix it into the topping, then either press it into the dish or make it into cookie shapes? Or should I make an oatmeal cookie recipe and put chopped apple in it? I only found on recipe on recipezaar, but she used dried apples, and I just don' t have them. I need something with fresh apples. I am in a quandry.

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