Saturday, June 6, 2009


A few clarifications on my clothesline:
I hope to use it to dry Claire's diapers faster and easier than the drier. This also requires more forethought about washing diapers. Before I got the clothesline, I would wait until the end of the day, and then be able to throw all the covers in the wash with the diapers (since she is in sposies at night). Now I have to either keep one cover out or hope one is cleaner than the others or put her in a sposie. Maybe someday I will have more than 4 covers. Maybe if I win this contest.
I'm not leaving the line up full time. I like clean clothes. Leaving the line out there scares me, because of the birds and such. I'm also not leaving the dogs outside while things are on the line. So far, they haven't seemed too interested in the stuff on the line, but I also don't trust them.
I'm hoping to make a cute little clothespin bag some day. Until then, I am using a stuff sack Marcie gave me.
Using the clothesline makes me feel pretty good.


MomKAS said...

I can't get the contest web page to open, so don't know what it involves, but I will hope with all my ability that you win. :-)

Becca said...

I fixed the page. It just takes a bit to open.