Friday, June 5, 2009

I love my house

Want to see my newest ghetto fabulous upgrade to my house? I mean um, energy efficient upgrade?

That's right. I have a clothesline. And it is ghetto fabulous! It cost me all of $5, including 100 clothespins. Thank you dollar store. All I did was put one nail in two of the fence posts and tied myself some knots. Hanging on it are 15 of my 24 burp clothes. There is one more on a foldable drying rack, and one more clean one in the house. The other 7 are MIA. I am concerned. Where did they go? Have I left them somewhere? I picked up the two from Shannon's house. Maybe they are still in Claire's drawers, I just forgot about them, but I am pretty sure I moved the clean ones from the excess stash to the "use now" drawer, and that drawer is empty. Oh well. They will turn up.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the reason I need and go through 24 burp clothes in a week:

Don't you love the drool coming out of her mouth? I guess Tanner deserves it for how many times he has drooled on her and me.

She is loving petting the dog. She was all about the dogs the other day. She kept watching them, laughing at them, and shrieking when they kissed her. It was cute.


MomKAS said...

I LOVE the energy efficient ghetto addition! I thought about one, but realized I'd have to hang it in the pool area (or front yard - talk about ghetto!) if I wanted to actually keep whatever clothes I hung on it, and then figured the pigeons would just think I had installed a new place for them to sit and do their business (rhymes with "sit").

DebSev said...

You make me laugh! Good job with the (cough) energy efficient clothes dryer!