Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Laptop update

So, yesterday we took Alann's laptop to a computer repair place. There was good news and bad news. The good news was the hard drive was salvageable. The bad news was the rest of it wasn't. So we had them put the hard drive in an external HD case, and Alann was able to get the work off of it that he needed. But now he is without a laptop. He is currently considering his options. We will let you all know what he decides, and when.

Otherwise, things are good. Yesterday, Claire took her first bath mostly sitting up on her own! Yay! She outgrew the baby sling 2 months ago, so we have mostly been showering with her. I used the bath seat a friend gave us once, but I really wasn't comfortable leaning over, and at the time, Claire was still so floppy that she just kind of leaned on it the whole time, and it was hard to wash parts of her. But yesterday, I put the baby tub on the counter in the bathroom and she was able to sit up by herself. I kept a hand on her so she didn't faceplant in the water, which she still does occasionally, but it was an immense success. She sits more and more on her own, which is great. It gives me more options. Of course, it also means she is starting to detest the bumbo. But oh well. It's served us faithfully for the time we have had it.


Shannon said...

Major bummer about the laptop dying. Good thing he was able to get his stuff off it though. When my kids outgrew the baby bath (around 3-4 months) I always laid them on a bath sponge and did it that way then when they could sit up they just sat up in the bath. It is uncomfortable leaning over to bathe them, but that doesn't really ever get better. Anyway, hope the laptop situation gets resolved soon!

Sonic Death Monkey said...

If you guys plan on replacing the laptop let me know. I think I get like a 5-10% discount at Dell through my work.