Monday, June 15, 2009

Laptop woes

As I write this, Alann is sitting in his chair, banging his head on his laptop, pleading with it to come back to life. His hard drive is dead. We know this because his hard drive happens to be compatible with my hard drive, so we switched them out. Of course, we did it the hard way by completely dismantling my laptop, only to discover that we really only needed to remove two screws and the whole hard drive came out easily. Oh well. Live and learn. It was fun spending time together dismantling and reattaching things. So we put his hard drive in my computer and got a whole lot of nothing. So we put my hard drive back in. And it turned on! Yay! It's been dead since October?? I gave it to John at work to fix, he fixed it, I broke it again in January, and he fixed it again. He told me me hard drive is dying and I need to get everything off of it that I care about. So I am working on that. But it is good that it came on. So tomorrow I will be going to see if someone can get data off of Alann's HD. Mostly his project due on Thursday that he didn't back up on his flash drive. Oops.
So, Alann will most likely be getting a new laptop. We could just get him a new hard drive, but that would be kind of like replacing a flat tire on a car with a bad engine. At some point, you just have to give up.


Ginny said...

Dell is having some good deals on lappys.

DebSev said...

Perhaps Mark can find you one but you will need to call him because he is very lax in reading the blog