Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scary stuff

So, I like Twitter, and I like Blogger, and I like Facebook, but I am a little frightened by some of the stuff that comes back in response. Like I tweeted about Qwest, and almost immediately "TalktoQwest" was following me. Yesterday I tweeted about how blogger wasn't uploading my video, and I got some random reply about how to do it. I've also been getting tweets and comments about some New Zealand sleep sack product, because I've been talking about that. I feel a little stalked to be honest. I know I can button down my stuff a little bit more- only send out tweets to friends, block facebook from people other than friends, and only allow registered users to view my blog, but then that keeps people I might want to find me from finding me. It's frustrating. Oh well. That's the world we live in, isnt it??

I also got some random text the other day about used car sales. It said I had to reply to stop the texts, or I would get 3 per month. Where do they get off on that? How did they get permission to sign me up for that? I certainly didn't authorize it.


MomKAS said...

Is that why every time I visit your blog now, I get a pop up box that says
"A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Twitter API"" ?

I always just cancel, but it still comes up each time.

Becca said...

Oh no. That's a twitter bug. They just had to reset some of their code. I will try reloading the twitter widget and see if that helps.