Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some fun baby ramblings

Claire has this onesie that is size 3-6 months. It says "I like carrots". I have a few problems with this onesie. For one, it's 3-6 months. She shouldn't know what carrots are, let alone whether or not she likes them. There is also a picture of a bunny on it. Bunnies also do not like carrots. They will eat them yes, but they prefer lettuces. And the bunny kind of looks like one of the playing cards from Alice in Wonderland. It's head and feet are normal, but it's body is square.

I cut off Claire's rat tail so that the rest of her hair can catch up. It looks better without it. But once I cut it off, I realized that we don't have a baby book. Anyone want to rectify that situation?

She also LOVES to touch buttons. She likes to sit on my lap while I type, and she tries to touch the keyboard.

She has found her feet for sure. She loves to grab them and hold onto them. She also moves herself around a lot by throwing her legs around. She will be so happy when she figures out how to crawl.

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