Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oriental Trading

Hey, so I am thinking of ordering something from Oriental Trading company. It is $8. Shipping is $6. If I order $50, I get free shipping. Anyone want to throw in an order and we can either split shipping or if it gets high enough go free?? Let me know!

Also, what makes more sense- buying a set of memory cards, or printing a set?


jhainesfam said...

I might go in on OT. Also, have you seen the memory cards I have made?

MomKAS said...

I could throw in with you on OT, too. Target also sometimes has some cute little things in their dollar section, and there's no shipping involved.

Becca said...

I've searched Target and Walmart up and down for what I need. I need a memory game with animal cards for Claire's quiet book, or something else with lots of animals in pairs. I haven't found anything useful yet.

Teene said...

When are you putting in the order? I want some stuff, but need time to find a catalog to look at and give you my money.

Becca said... Much better than a catalog. =)
Free shipping ends on the 22nd.Which would be monday. I can float it for a bit too. So don't worry. =)