Friday, June 19, 2009

A slight miscalculation

I'm not sure what happened, but I have ruined my front room drapes. I bought the drapes for my college dorm room. Then when we moved here, they fit and were the right color, so we used them. The dogs and cat have slowly but surely ripped the bottoms of most of the panels, which didn't really matter because they hung long and behind the couch. Yesterday, I finally got around to fixing them. The plan was to serge off the torn bottoms, leaving the curtains serviceable and slightly more nice looking. I also washed them. They were filthy. Did I mention I bought them 6 years ago? I don't believe I have washed them since. So I measured them, serged them, washed them, and hung them back up. Not only are they not all the same length, but they are all too short! They hang above the bottom sill of the window by about 3 inches. If I could remount the hangers inside the window, they would be long enough, but I cant, and I wouldn't anyway because that would lead to more destruction from the cat. So now I don't know quite what to do. Buy new fabric? Buy new drapes? (These were super cheap walmart drapes, so it's not like I lost a lot by trying to fix them.) Check the thrift shops? I just don't know. For now, they hang in the window, looking like lost souls. Maybe we can get blinds? No, dogs and cat again. Hmmm... maybe if we got the really thick fake wood blinds, those would be impervious to the cat's attentions, though I fear stupid Tanner would pull them down trying to look out the window. Any ideas?


Shannon said...

Hmm bummer. No good ideas for you. Sorry. I'm sure you will come up with some brilliant, thrift way to fix it. :)

teene said...

Just buy or make new cheap drapes so that when the dogs and cat mess them up you won't be mad that they ruined pricey blinds.