Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scary financial news

This month, my car loan dropped under 5K. Yay! Unfortunately, the day is soon approaching when I will owe more on my CC than I do on my car. That makes me a little apprehensive. I've been able to fool (similar meaning, different word) myself into thinking that my CC wasn't that bad, since I have always owed less on it that on my car. And my CC has dropped significantly, even being completely paid off a little over a year ago (Feb 23, but who's counting?). Then little things started coming up. Tickets to visit people, weddings to go to, interest, interest, and more interest. (Want something to shock you into paying off your CC? Add up all the interest you have paid over the last 6 months, last year, last 3 years. Go ahead, I'll wait.... Hurts doesn't it? Last year alone, mine was almost $300. Ouch. And that's with an awesome interest rate. When I was with evil bank, they were charging me twice the rate.) Then I took on Alann's CC, because mine had a lower interest rate. And our CU is awesome and if you go in, they usually waive the balance transfer fee. Since then we have dipped to as low as $3200 several times, and climbed as high as $6800 (thanks to the car repair and the baby). But overall, our consumer debt has dropped significantly. (Let's not even talk about the student loan debt.) But we can't seem to get over that 3 grand hurdle. We get so close to having the CC down to 3k, and then something major pops up again.
It will just take patience. I should just be glad that our payments are not so high we cannot make them. We have paid down our CC debt from a massive 15k in a few short years. Whenever I need a little pick me up, I look at the spreadsheet from 2006 and I realize we aren't doing so bad. We will get there. Just a little bit at a time. Our CC debt combined is 4k, not 15k. Breathe. Don't panic. The general trend is down down down. That's good, right?

On a related financial note, I am so SICK of the term "stimulus" or "stimulus package". There is an apartment complex I go by now and then that has a sign saying "We have stimulus deals!" Ok, so what are you telling me complex? That your rent was ridiculously overpriced, and now you have cut them down? Or are your rents usually low, and you are advertising that now? Or did you fire a bunch of people and drop rent?

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MomKAS said...

In an attempt to make you feel better, I have one CC that the interest alone is a little over $100 EACH MONTH. Be happy you are as good in your CC debt as you are.