Monday, June 22, 2009

Sometimes, you just need to let go

So, on Friday, we bought room darkening shades for Claire's room. (You know, the roller shades with a little spring action.) They work great. She argues a lot less about naps now. But anyway, we bought shades for the front room as well. They are just "light filtering" shades, instead of room darkening. We get horrible glare in the room sometimes. I forgot to buy enough brackets to hang all the shades, which we noticed on Friday when we got home from the store. So I had Alann hang the one shade that he could in Claire's room. He was going to hang both, but one package didn't have enough screws! He managed to get the rest of the screws out of the other package of brackets (which were different and specifically for the front room shades), so he ended up hanging both shades in Claire's room. On Saturday, we went to Home Depot again to return the package of brackets that didn't have enough screws, and buy enough brackets to hang the front shades. Then we got home and did other stuff all day. Today, I was cleaning the house and moved the two shades next to each other. I think we must have each carried one in, and set them in different places. So today, I put them next to each other, and low and behold, they are different lengths! I thought to myself "hm, one must be sitting funny" but picked it up and sure enough, one of the employees had cut the shade, then put it back on the shelf as if it was full length!! This particular window is huge, so we were going to hang two shades next to each other, because they just don't make shades that big for ready purchase at Home Depot. So now, I have to go back AGAIN to get a full size shade. Maybe I should just take this as a sign that we should not put these shades up. 3 screwups in one project is pretty hard to beat. And all without actually putting any holes in the walls yet.

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