Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pics of baby and other stuff

I hate how blogger puts everything in backwards when you upload pics. Like seriously. Why would it insert pics at the top of the post? Makes no sense.

Anyway, my mommy bought us some more diaper covers. YAY! Now we have enough (speaking of diapers, I need to go change the laundry. BRB.) that I don't have to worry about what she will wear while I am washing, or try to coordinate which one is least dirty and will wait until next washday. Thanks Mom!!

The orange one is a pocket diaper- you stuff the diaper inside. It works ok. They leak if I don't catch the diaper soon enough. The pink one is our new cute cover. The blue dot one is also just a cover.

The gray one is the first one I bought. It still gets the most use, probably out of habit. I love the brown and blue one. I also have a pocket diaper in chocolate with a yellow interior, and it is kind of annoying. But I love the colors of this one. That is the same orange (technically Mango) diaper as in the earlier pic.

This green spotted one is another cover and is way cute I think.

The pink square one is the Bumkins cover. I have mixed feelings about it. This is the one that is "wet only" and the diaper gets folded differently than with all the other covers. That being said, it is really easy to put on. I am still considering getting a bigger size. These are not one-size covers, and she is so close to being grown out of this one. The blue butterfly one is the only snap diaper cover I own. I love the pattern, I hate the snaps. In case you haven't noticed, my baby moves A LOT. It is hard to get the snaps done quickly enough that she hasn't wiggled out of it. Plus it is hard for me to get as good a fit with it as with the velcro. The velcro is just easier for me. Some people really prefer the snaps though. And next to it is another blue dot one. No, it isn't the same one. I bought one of these, and then my mom did. That's ok, I like the pattern. Plus it isn't girly, so it would work for a boy too.

Here they are, all in a row, drying in the sun. I love the sun. (BTW, I hung Alann's not so white church shirt in the sun to dry, and it looks awesome again.)

Here's my little one in her jumpy. She just loves that thing.

Here she is napping with Daddy a few weeks ago. Shortly after this, she pooped all over him and the blanket. Note: poop stains do bleach out in the sun! I hung her overalls in the sun yesterday and the stain is practically gone. (This was the second wash after the incident. Unfortunately, one of the buttons is missing so now I have to replace it.)

I love that look on her face. And her shirt is SO true! (it says I'd rather be naked)

See, what did I tell you?

Here she is sitting up mostly by herself. She does pretty good on her own, but eventually starts leaning forward until she is practically kissing her toes. Then she either flops to one side or starts crying. But propped up or in a lap she sits pretty well. And that look on her face! It's almost like she is telling me "mama, just wait until I can move on my own. I will be all over the place!"


MomKAS said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. (You're welcome, BTW.) And you are right "just wait mama" until she gets around allllll over the place!

Ginny said...

Look at that hair, love it! She is cute. That is good to know about the sun being a natural whitener. Nice skeptical look Alann. lol