Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A question

I intend to make Claire's baby food, since she won't be on purees for long. (Considering she is already more interested in what's on my plate than what's in her bottle, she will probably move to more chunky foods really quickly if I had to guess.) So, I bought some peas when we went to farmers market on Saturday. I made 3/4 of them for Alann and I the other night, and saved some to make into food for Claire. I also harvested some out of my own garden. My quandary is this: how should I save these peas? The way I see it, I have three options, and I don't know which is the easiest and most correct.
A) Take the peas out of their pod and freeze them as is.
B) Steam the peas and freeze them.
C) Steam and puree the peas, then freeze the puree.

She won't be eating them for at least 6 weeks, but the frozen puree will still be good. I just don't know. She might even refuse purees all together, so I don't want to really put a lot of energy into it if it is going to be a waste. She might just like them mushed up so she can grab with her fingers. Any one have any input?


Jennifer D. said...

I usually don't freeze, but i try to use normal food also and then put in the refrig for the next 2 days. I usually puree the food with a little water and then divide it up into individual containers. When they first start eating, they usually don't eat much.

Shannon said...

As you know, I do not make my own baby food, but my friend who does told me she makes up big batches of each fruit or veggie then freezes them. I'm betting thats the easiest anyway because the work is done and the food's ready to eat when Claire is.