Monday, July 13, 2009


Claire and I had an epic (6 hour!) and highly successful shopping outing today. I am exhausted! Not to mention her! It started out innocently enough. I've been neglecting certain things- banking and dog food being two. So today I absolutely had to go to the bank. I haven't been for 3 paychecks now. And I had a lot of money moving to do. So I got that accomplished, then we went to get dog food. There happens to be a Target by the Petco, so we also went to Target. I had one objective- buy one large tub of Similac that holds the scoop in the lid, because I am CONSTANTLY losing the stupid scoop. While there, I scored some Irish Spring soap on clearance. (I checked the price at Walmart just to be sure, and I got a better deal by about 10c a bar. Sweet.) Of course, I didn't grab a cart because I was just "going to grab one thing". Ugh. But it worked out. We made it back to the car in one piece.

So then we got dog food, and there is also a DI over there. So we went to the DI, to find some sleepers for Claire. I only found 2 in the right size that weren't overly warm, or strangely christmasy. But, I cleaned up on toys for her. We got some plastic play tools, a couple of blocks with different things on it (I searched long and hard, but wound up with only the blocks that say 1 and 3 on them. I couldn't find 2 to save my life. Oh well.) I picked up a few books as well. Then I found a DVD rack that matches our first two. We have only purchased one of these racks brand new, and we debate about who's it was originally. (ok, I debate. Alann swears up and down it was his.) We both had one at one point, but somehow only one made it into the house. We purchased a second matching one at DI a while ago, and today, I got the third. For $2. Sweet. Then I had Taco Bell for lunch, and baby ate contentedly in her car seat while I ate my lunch. That was exceedingly good for me. I was afraid she would be so distracted she wouldn't eat, but she was also sleepy, so the food and cool and resting made her eat quickly and drop off.

Then we went to Sears. This was a bit of a wasted trip. I went to get bobbins and a zipper foot for my sewing machine. I've tried the bobbins from Joanns. They are just SLIGHTLY the wrong size. Stupid Kenmore. So I knew I had to get them from Sears. Quick question: You are looking for sewing machines. Where do you look? A) With the irons and small appliances. B) In the bedding section. C) With the vacuums.

Times up. The answer is C. Of course, it was kind of a trick question, because the vacuums are next to the bedding, which is next to the large appliance, which is next to the small appliances. Retarded if you ask me. But this sears is weird. It has a grocery store in it. So I finally found the sewing machines, and when I say with the vacuums, I mean the set up was aisle of vacuums, sewing machines, aisle of vacuums. It's like they forgot about them or something. So then, after all that, they don't even carry the zipper foot in the store. So I grabbed the bobbins, because those are more pressing that I have, and went to check out. And ended up behind the world's longest order. I don't know what the problem was, but it took forever. Then the guy had to give his CC spiel. So then I finally (like 10 minutes later) get to check out. And the guy gives me the CC spiel. At least he didn't highlight the fact that I could save 10%. Because my whole purchase was under $5. Then he asked if I had tried the bobbins at Joanns. I told him I had a Kenmore machine, and he understood. Sigh. It was like a 30 minute ordeal all told, for some lousy bobbins. But at least Claire got a nap.

I finally made it to Walmart. I did pretty well there. I found a couple of small "dessert" or "condiment" dishes to use with Claire. I tried mixing her cereal in a regular bowl, but it isn't contained enough to mix well. I bought 5 lbs of sugar for 92c. I also bought the equate brand of Olay night cream, which I usually use. The difference was $2. We will see if it was worth it or not. I used some coupons, bought some good stuff, and went to Maceys. This is where things went downhill fast. First of all, Claire pooped on the way over there. It didn't seem so bad when I took her out of her car seat, but I took her straight to the bathroom. Oh, it was bad. It was EVERYWHERE. On her shorts, on her onesie, on her back, her legs. This is why I am SO glad I use cloth 90% of the time. Every time she poops in a disposable, it is potentially outfit ruining. She very rarely (like once a month or less) explodes out of the cover when she is in cloth. But anyway, at least people think a naked (but diapered) baby is cute. Some people assumed she was just hot. Others just laughed and said how cute she was. I didn't tell them the reason she was naked. I've never had this happen while out before, so I don't think to do things like pack an extra outfit. At least it was a pretty short trip. And she was fairly content with being naked. She only started crying at the very end of the trip. I gave her the binkie and she quieted down. I think she was mostly tired. And I saved $6 in coupons.

Of course, the question always is: did I buy it because I had a coupon, or because I needed it? I just can't decide if I actually need and use coupons, or not. I always compare to the store brand price, because there are VERY few items that I am brand loyal to. And most of the time, the store brand is better even with my coupon and on sale. I guess I am just not crazy enough as some people to get things for 2 cents a piece or something. I really just need to find a ward member who gets the Sunday paper and will give me the coupons. I've bought two recently. So $3, and I definitely saved more than that today, but I just don't know that it is worth it. Hm. I need to think about it more.

Lately, she has also started putting her toes in her mouth. She can only do it without a diaper on, so it is the first thing she does when you take the diaper off. She used to just hold them, but now she tries to suck on them. It's funny. She is also sitting up really really well. And the last few days, she has learned how to "bang". She bangs things up and down on the table, she smacks her legs with her arms, anything she can get her hands on, you can bet will be smacked around a little. Or a lot, depending on her mood. She also says "270000000047-65433". She is .0helkping me to type right now.


Shannon said...

Wowzers. You are brave to do that much shopping in one go. I miss being able to do that actually. It's just not feasible with 2 slightly older ones. I use coupons, but not obsessively. I decided I save enough money to make getting the paper worth it (seriously it cost $1 per week for the entire weeks worth of papers) and I save at least $5 per week. I also consider that worth the time it takes me to cut them out. I only cut out ones for things that I regularly buy, but I save the most with coupons for hygeine stuff like shaving cream, shampoo, razor blade refills, etc. since I don't really care what brand of shampoo or shaving cream i use. Anyway, long story short I vote yes to coupons.
PS-Bummer about the blowout. That can ruin an outing really quickly. Glad it was at the end of the errands.

MomKAS said...

Teene cuts coupons for you. If you don't get them before they expire, that's my fault. :-)

Tell Claire "thanks" for the message - she will get better every day at helping you.