Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some more of this and that

For some reason, I cannot blog and tweet. When I think of something to say, I usually condense it into tweet form and say it, then I feel like I can't blog about it later, even though it could be expanded upon. (BTW, Tweetz used to be my nickname when I played in AOL chatrooms a long long time ago. So every time I see "tweet", I think of all my old buddies and wonder what (some, not all) of them are up to. )
(Also, every time I plug in or unplug different external components of my computer, it messes with my internet. It's seriously annoying.)
(Also, I am avoiding preparing a lesson on charity that I don't want to give tomorrow. Anyone else want to do it for me?)
(Also, we were going to play Ticket to Ride tonight. I don't think that will happen anymore.)
(also, I hate transferring pictures from my camera to my computer. It takes FOREVER! And then, after the "camera wizard" is done, which is actually the software that came with the camera, it pops up a window that says "operation finished. now exiting this program." and you have to click ok. Once you click ok, it closes, and AUTOMATICALLY opens a totally different program that takes FOREVER. There is no way to change this. I've looked.)

For example:I tweeted this a few days ago: "Claire just ate her first measurable amount of food. It was only 1/2 tablespoon, but still, it was more than previous attempts have done." I also wanted to add that she does this really hilarious thing when she eats. And then I would have posted this video:

(Which I hope works when I post this, instead of just giving an error.) (Update: I hate YouTube. go to Facebook. Sorry for the runaround. Some day, I will figure this video and blog thing out. It can't be too hard right?)

Or if I had blogged about it, I could have also included these pictures:

(my new favorite face EVER!)

"I love rice cereal! Give me more!!!"

"Aww who am I kidding, I just LOVE to eat!"

I also had a blog post in mind when I took this picture:

Yes. She's sleeping. No, I don't know what was so special about the picture, or why I felt I needed to sneak into her room in the middle of the night and take it. Maybe this was when she first started preferring her side again for sleeping? I just don't know.

I took this one for Fourth of July. Happy fourth everybody!

And this is my FAVORITE outfit of hers, right now. It doesn't really fit anymore. Sigh. I don't know what about it is just so darn cute. Maybe it is the cap sleeves.
She wore this when we went to Temple open house.

Oh wait, Nicki says you got something on your face.

That's better.

I guess it is just difficult to deal with a baby and a blog at the same time. How do people do it? I just don't know. So now, I should go prepare my lesson, because I have to give it, one way or another. I really forgot about it until today, because of youth conference. If I had remembered earlier, I would have gotten a sub. No, who am I kidding? I wouldn't have. I would have thought I could do it all, and not realized how tired I was going to be.


Shannon said...

She's one cute little baby girl! I hope that your lesson ended up going well.

Teene said...

Ummm, have I told you lately that she is super duper cute? Can you email me some of these pics so I can print them out? If not, I'll try stealing them when I get home tonight. Love you all bunches!

Teene said...

I ABSOLUTELY love the last one in this post! And I'm sorry she is out-growing the dress.