Monday, July 27, 2009


I should be doing bills while baby is sleeping, but instead I am looking at this. It's a new car seat for Claire. She hasn't outgrown the one she has, yet. BUT, I so rarely take it out of the car anymore. I bring it in the house when we are home, since I never know how many days it will be before we get in the car again, but when we go out, I so rarely take it with me. She is just so heavy in it. I can't deal with it all. And when she is sleeping in it, by the time I get her in a cart, she is awake anyway, and then upset because she is in the car seat and can't look around. So I've been contemplating. And pondering. And wondering. I really want a Britax. I picked this convertible because it is a reasonable price, this model is on sale a lot, and it also will allow her to get rather big in it. (She's a chubs. She always has been and probably always will be. So I am planning on it.) The weight limit is 65 lbs and the height is tall. I don't remember what the height was, but she will be able to go from this seat to a backless booster easily. Britax get great reviews. The only concern I have is that I haven't looked into other, potentially cheaper, options. I usually always do that. But right now, I have my mind (heart?) set on a Britax. So I won't buy it, yet. I need to do other research first. But I have a feeling I will end up with this seat.


MomKAS said...

Nice seat! Shop around, though - some on ebay are free shipping and that might make it a better deal, depending on what shipping costs are from other places, or if you have a store there that sells these at similar good prices.

Now get back to paying bills and your other projects. :-)

Becca said...

This site has free shipping for orders over $100, which the seat would be.

Shannon said...

Everyone I know that has a Britax loves them. I just could never bring myself to spend so much on a carseat. I quite like the ones I have right now. They were the highest rated carseats of the lower priced ones and I got them for $15 cheaper than normal at Babies R Us with their coupon. I'm betting you will really like the Britax though.