Monday, August 10, 2009

car seat dilemma

I've narrowed the choices down to three. All of them have 65 pound weight limits for forward facing.
Britax Marathon:
Pros: very well loved seat, decent ratings on consumer reports. on clearance for $180
Cons: the pattern is hideous (says Alann), but we can buy a new cover if we want. 35 lb weight limit rear facing

The First Years True Fit:
Pros: no re-thread harness, built in locking clips, removable head rest, can get for $160.
Cons: some reviews say it pinches legs. 35 lb weight limit rear facing

Graco MyRide 65:
Pros: Can get it for $136. Graco has decent ratings in general (this seat isnt rated yet on CR), has a 40 pound rear-facing limit.
Cons: some say it's bulky, and the permanent cup holder may make airplane travel iffy.

I really cannot decide. What are your ideas?? If we go straight from price, then the Graco is the hands-down winner. All of them have 4 stars at BRU (customer ratings). The Britax is a GREAT deal ($100 off). The True Fit might fit better in my car with the removable head rest, but we would have to turn her around earlier. Though, will she really want to still be rear at 1 year? I have no doubt she will be big enough to turn around. Parents of young childrens: what do you think?

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Shannon said...

I think that the permanent cup holder would be really annoying. It would totally get in the way in the car. Weston's carseat had a removeable one that we never put on because it was too big and annoying. Also he never really needed it. We don't live in the car or eat meals in there.

I think you and Claire will be more than ready for forward facing long before she hits 35 pounds. Weston still isn't even 35 pounds, so I don't see that as a concern.

Good luck making the decision!
PS-$180 for the Britax IS a great deal.