Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some Ideas on kids

Feeding toddlers is messy and wasteful. Some day, I will learn portion sizes. Of course, Jocee always surprises me by wanting different amounts at different times. I made a whole sandwich, she ate 1/4. I made a half, she ate it all. I guess I should just learn to give less than I think she might want, and give her more later. That is hard though, because I nurture people through food. I always try to make sure everything someone could possibly want is available. But I hate to be wasteful. Oh well, it is only day 4. We will get it.
I was looking for activity ideas to do with the kids and stumbled upon (not the website) a blog about a mom that does Montessori-type schooling with her kids. I am intrigued. I've heard the word before, but never knew what it was all about. From what little I have read, it is about teaching real-life skills in ways that kids can master- i.e. learning to lace shoes on a board, then transferring that knowledge to a shoe. They also have "error controls" which is basically the answer so that the kid can check themselves. I like the activities in general, so I will keep looking into it. Once I can place more holds on books. I have "exceeded the hold limit for the borrower type" at the library. I didn't even know I HAD a hold limit. (Which is 10, btw.) Most of the holds are DVDs. I don't even know if I will check them all out. My library only does dvds for one week, so I don't have much time to watch them. I just get excited and place a BUNCH of holds at once, whether or not I can actually use all the items before the time limit. Someday, I will learn that too.
As soon as Claire gets up from her nap (yes, it is 6pm and she is napping. This is a new thing.) we are going to Target to get some stuff for Jocee. Well, stuff we will use and need with Claire eventually, but Jocee can use now. We need a step stool for the bathroom, a booster seat for the table, and some toys. I really want to go to Ikea this weekend and get the step stool they have. And look at other stuff. And buy lots of stuff. But I probably won't do that. I shouldn't anyway.

And now, for something completely different, we contemplate my hair.

Okoboji, IA 2004- growing out from my previous cutting my senior year of HS.

Okoboji, IA 2005- long. I curled it especially for this night. Usually when it is long, it goes in a ponytail.

Christmas 2006. Sheesh. Super long.

Current. I've had this specific hair cut since about early spring 2007. (apparently before Shannon and Ian moved in because Shannon has seen the Christmas picture and didn't believe it.) (I can't find a single picture with my hair right after a cut. Strange. It is usually shorter than it is now.)
So, it's been over 2 years. I like it. In general. But it needs something done to it right now. Headbands don't contain it. I can put it in a (very stupid looking but functional) ponytail. Either I need a cut, or I need to decide to let it grow. I see the pictures of it long and kind of miss it. And then I think about all the maintenance (I have THICK hair) and the washing and the brushing (I rarely brush my hair these days) and the blow drying and the washing and the constant need for hair ties and the washing and the static and did I mention the washing? When it is long, I put it up in a ponytail most of the time (when I am home anyway. Which is always now). I have to pony it to sleep or Alann complains about it attacking him, and it hurts to lay on it. Then there is the baby. She LOVES to pull hair. It's a handy place to grab on. So I just don't know what to do. I haven't colored my hair in years and years. That used to be my go-to "hair boredom" relief act. But I like my color. And it is easier and cheaper to maintain naturally colored hair. So what do you guys think? Long or short?


Shannon said...

First of all, I don't think you ever figure out the correct portion size for a toddler because they eat differently every day. Also, yes, you do have to get used to wasting food when you are feeding little kids. It used to really bother me and make me mad at the kids for not eating their food, but I finally just realized that I had to let it go. Sigh.

Second, if you go to IKEA let me know. I really want to go too. I need to get some bookends for Weston's dresser and a couple magazine holder boxes. Also it's just fun to play there and covet all the great stuff.

Third, I really like your hair short, but I was looking at the pictures we took when we went to the zoo a long time ago and your hair was long then. I think it makes you look so different. We didn't live here when it was SUPER long though. I think you should go for the medium length from the first picture. It's my favorite. Sidenote, Ian would be in heaven if I grew out my hair as long as yours was. Not gonna happen, but still, he would love it. Stupid Alann complaining about it. :)

Becca said...

I found a stool at Target for 6.50, so I bought it. So now I have no legitimate reason to go.

I do look a LOT different with long hair. It takes me a long time to get used to the difference when I cut it short again. And Alann prefers it long, but then he complains when it gets in his face.

jhainesfam said...

I want to go to IKEA too. We should plan a girls time.

I like your hair short, but it looks cute long. I understand the ponytail thing. What if you grow it in between?

I usually give Jocee less and then see if she wants more.

Teene said...

I say keep your hair short for now until Claire is over the hair pulling. I like it short anyway - you look pretty with short hair. I do not :) I know you don't like the maintenance of it long anyway. So maybe after hair pulling age you go medium shoulder length? Miss you love you!

Steph said...

I think your hair looks really cute short, but the medium length is cute also. I'm sure you will look cute with any haircut you get!

DebSev said...

I vote . . . . hmmm . . . I guess that I don't vote . . . except that the hair color is tremendous - keep it up! :)