Friday, August 28, 2009

Some gratitude is in order

I've been thinking today and I need to be grateful for the things I have and the situation I am in. I didn't ask to be laid off in March, and it certainly didn't seem like the best idea at the time, but if that hadn't happened, our lives would be quite different right now. If I was still working, Alann wouldn't have been able to go into this school track. We were planning on him being home with Claire two days a week. And I wouldn't be watching Jocee or getting to see every single step of Claire's development. I would be very sad to drop her off somewhere every day. Some days it is frustrating being the only one dealing with her, especially when Alann has the long classes, but I wouldn't do without her. Money is tight and sometimes I am anxious, but the Lord has blessed us in so many ways. Our bills have been lessened, money comes in when we need it, Alann has gotten the TA position (half off tuition and a stipend). I don't think the Lord led us here to watch us fail. So I just have to remember to be grateful and mindful of what we do have. And in the end, I have Claire and Alann, for which I am so very grateful, and good people that surround us.


MomKAS said...

You now know the real "truth" and "richness" of life. Amen.

Shannon said...

True. I'm knew things would work out. It's so scary stepping into the unknown, but you have a lot of faith and I know the Lord is blessing you for it.

DebSev said...

We consider ourselves to be blessed by you, also!