Saturday, August 29, 2009

My funny girl!

Claire spent about 20 minutes watching Daddy mow the lawn this morning. She was FASCINATED. This is from my point of view.

"Hi Daddy!"

"Daddy, I'm over here!"

And this is his point of view.

I guess it wasn't just Daddy she was fascinated by.

This is what greets me most of the time that I go get Claire from a nap. Since she is crawling now, she has learned to crawl to the edge of the crib where her door is, and usually looks out and calls for us.

At the Dodson family get-together, there was a play set with a swing. Claire liked it ok. She liked it better when we went to park a few days later. She was giggling while she swung.

Nothing like a good bite of swing.

Bubble mohawk!"Do I have something on my face?" (She did it to herself.)

We love the bath!

Jocee really wanted to hold Claire. Any kid under the age of 5 wanting to hold Claire is a little ridiculous, because she is SO big. But I let her. Then I suggested they sit next to each other.

So Jocee held her hand instead. Here are the cute girls I get to hang out with all day. (Yeah I know, Claire doesn't match. I'm not really sure why I put those shorts on her. I'll just say Daddy dressed her.)


Shannon said...

I think your view was cuter than Alann's. :) I think it's so funny when little kids want to hold babies that aren't newborns. Weston held Davin on his lap at the ward dinner last night for a whole minutes. I was impressed. I think Davin held still because it was such a novelty. I missed you last night BTW, but alas you didn't miss much. Claire just gets cuter and cuter. Love all the pics!

DebSev said...

Can she really grow that much in a week? She's just so darn cute!

Steph said...

The pictures with Claire pressed against the window are so cute! I thought they were funny!

jhainesfam said...

Cute girls. I got a good laugh of Claire in the window. Jocee doesn't usually have her binkie in that much at our house so I am glad you found a way for her to not use it at yours too. We'll have to try a safe place at home good thinking.

MomKAS said...

Just another "spatial" girl, I believe.