Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's amazing to think how much she has grown and learned in just the last few weeks. It's only been about 17 days since her 6 month checkup. Since then, she has decided to start crawling. She finally realized on Saturday that "if I want to go somewhere, I can!" and boy does she. I set her down on the rug to get her formula, and she crawls after me, sobbing pitifully and calling mama. She stands all the time, without help. She pulls herself up on things- the crib, the coffee table, me. If you stand her up somewhere, she holds on to whatever it is and is totally stable. She still falls, but not too much and she doesn't wobble. She has even started "walking" to objects she wants, as long as she can hold onto something. She loves to stand between the couch and the coffee table. If I put my legs on the coffee table to either side of her, she will go back and forth between me and the table. She will drink from a sippy cup now. She still doesn't get the concept of holding it herself, but she will drink from it. (I've been lazy and haven't washed bottles, so I ran out today. She has been drinking from the sippy all day. I'm thinking of getting more so maybe we can wean her off the bottle.) She says mama when she isn't upset. I still don't know if she associates it with me, but she says it. She has also decided that if she can't eat what I am eating, she isn't eating. So I have to either have some of what she is eating on my plate, or feed her before or after. Of course, she still wants to be a part of meal times, which is fine by me. Of course, if I eat her baby food, she will eat that too. (Which I do with the home made stuff. The cereal and the jarred kind I fake. She doesn't fall for it.) I also gave her some cheerios for the first time today. She gummed them pretty well. I am starting to wonder if she will be like me and get teeth really late. My top teeth took forever to come in. She chews on her fingers ALL THE TIME now. It is super annoying, but nothing else satisfies like her own fist. Of course, then she wants to put her slimy hand on my face or in my hair. Ugh. Oh well.
She has also started to really enjoy bath time and splashes like a little devil. And she has started holding on when you carry her. She either hooks her arm around my neck or grabs my shirt. It's awesome. It is so amazing how fast they change and grow. Mama's little baby is starting to grow up. =( and =)

BTW, I read an article today about the Duggars. They are having their 19th child. And their first grandchild will be born before it. My question is did the wife marry the son for the fame (and assumed fortune) or is she just crazy like them? Weird. Nice people, but weird.

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Shannon said...

Claire is growing up SO fast! I forget how quickly it flies by, but even more so when it's not my own kid. It's fun that she's eating more and more foods. The mobility thing has it's ups and downs, but it is inevitable, so you may as well enjoy the good parts of it. :)
PS-Amen about the Duggars. Weird.